Just One of Those Days

We all have them; one of those days when everything goes sideways. Maybe I’m just tired – without question work was a comedy of errors today. Facing the prospect of pulling off a wedding tomorrow doesn’t help much. Who gets married on Mother’s Day? Working on mother’s day is irrelevant, in my line of work I’m rarely home on holidays, I’m the one out there making everyone else’s splendid memories. This isn’t a complaint, rather a sticky note to myself.

When I find myself driving my hand into the car horn while screaming “what is wrong with you”, it’s time to chill out. To be clear and get it off my chest – what kind of inconsiderate jerk aggressively blocks you from changing lanes; then when he gains the car length in front of you puts on his signal light to change into the lane you are trying to leave? Holy crap. It’s rush hour and I spend another 5 minutes behind this asshole. And no – he didn’t signal until I was firmly planted behind his crazy ass mini van.

I wasn’t a very nice person today. I caught myself giving the snake eye to thoughtless, manner-less people, so absorbed in their sense of entitlement it didn’t cross their minds that taking a plate with six chicken breasts meant some guests wouldn’t have lunch. I believe my lip may actually have curled into a snarl as I watched them toss their greed into the garbage bin. Under normal circumstances I would shake my head (discretely and with up most decorum) as well healed ladies stuffed cheese platters into their $2000.00 dollar handbags. My staff would have laughed along; we’re a twisted bunch who understand money can’t deliver any quality you’re not born with. We trade astounding stories of flagrant stupidity and crass behaviour – but not today.

Today was one of those days when you ask yourself if you need your head examined. A day when screaming what is wrong with you could just as easily apply to yourself. A day when being accommodating and gracious flies out the window. A day when listening to Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies seems to be the only thing able to soothe my ragged nerves.

Give it a listen.