Blame and Understanding

Human nature feeds on blame. It wasn’t my fault, childhood sucked, family let me down,  I’m mad as hell, no one understands, it wasn’t supposed to be this way, how dare you question me.

Blame is second nature, judgement our hammer. Someone else is always at fault – “you cheated”, “you lied”, ” you were wrong”. Blame is simpler than understanding. Blame doesn’t excuse mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who dare to be human. We pigeon hole family to fit roles prescribed by society, cast blame when it blows up in our face. Nothing is ever our fault, someone else is always to blame. Life is short, why waste it on blame?  Life has so much more to offer once blame is laid to rest.


Bill Maher Is My Hero

I’m being so lazy tonight. This is the second video I’m posting, rather a cop out, but I’m tired, easily amused, and dammit, love Bill Maher.

My overworked mind thought – hey – maybe if people heard these words via “television”, it might actually plant a seed of reason. It’s one thing to write a reasonable sentence asking the faithful to back up their claims, and another for those same people to have a “celebrity” pose that same question. A long shot – but as I said I’m tired, and easily amused.

Please America – Watch and Ponder

I’ve recently discovered a series produced by HBO called The Newsroom. Ridiculously great – they seamlessly blend the story line with actual news footage.

Every single American should watch this 3 minute clip from the opening episode. Next – every single American should buckle down and watch a full episode or two. I mean all Americans, especially those who kiss the feet of Glen Beck or Ann Coulter, and refer to CNN as “the Communist News Network”.

I’m being serious; digest a few episodes – then we’ll talk. I’m patiently waiting to hear the response from tea partiers.