Bill Maher Is My Hero

I’m being so lazy tonight. This is the second video I’m posting, rather a cop out, but I’m tired, easily amused, and dammit, love Bill Maher.

My overworked mind thought – hey – maybe if people heard these words via “television”, it might actually plant a seed of reason. It’s one thing to write a reasonable sentence asking the faithful to back up their claims, and another for those same people to have a “celebrity” pose that same question. A long shot – but as I said I’m tired, and easily amused.

3 thoughts on “Bill Maher Is My Hero

  1. I wish there was a way to send Bill M. a comment. I believe in God and have since I was little. All you have to do is look around you and see the might and glory of God. Ah, you argue, that’s evolution. Whatever happened to ‘like begets like’? All through every science class I ever had they drilled that into you. I can’t give birth to a puppy dog any more than a dog can give birth to a human. How much do you expect from 2 rocks colliding? You could have a google worth of years and still not be able to create the complexity of the human body or our world. I feel sorry for those that refuse to believe in God. They are missing out on having a comfort and a good friend. They are missing out on seeing the wonders of creation and its beauty. Certainly knowing God does not make my life perfect, but it makes it easier to get through.
    Bill, you want proof. Have you ever seen your lungs? Sure, you can see an x-ray of them. Are you sure that picture’s not faked? The doctor can tell you he hears good breath sounds. Have you seen what makes those sounds? You’ve never opened your chest and visually looked at your lungs. You’re breathing so you think they’re there. Maybe that’s an absurd example, but you asked to show you God. You’re it! When you look in the mirror you see God’s handiwork.

    • I have no desire to argue your point, and assure you that I respect anyone’s beliefs. Faith is a personal matter; in my view irrelevant beyond our home.The fact that you and I will never agree on the point doesn’t bother me. We’re entitled to our opinions – why can’t people simply agree to disagree, and get on with life. You’re happy with God in your life, I’m happy without.
      God made your lungs, mine come from the 114 known elements in the universe. Who cares – we both have lungs. 🙂

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