Please America – Watch and Ponder

I’ve recently discovered a series produced by HBO called The Newsroom. Ridiculously great – they seamlessly blend the story line with actual news footage.

Every single American should watch this 3 minute clip from the opening episode. Next – every single American should buckle down and watch a full episode or two. I mean all Americans, especially those who kiss the feet of Glen Beck or Ann Coulter, and refer to CNN as “the Communist News Network”.

I’m being serious; digest a few episodes – then we’ll talk. I’m patiently waiting to hear the response from tea partiers.

11 thoughts on “Please America – Watch and Ponder

    • There’s another great clip – actually the one I went looking for first. Will (Jeff Daniels) offers his audience an apology – he explains the “once upon a time” deal that was struck between the government and the airwaves when TV was an infant.In exchange for broadcasting rights all the networks had to do was give up one hour a day (the 6 o’clock news) for “informational” programming.He explains that since no one could have imagined what TV would become, they forgot to stipulate that hour should be free from ads. He goes on a rant, likening his program as no better than Jersey Shore – sensationalism aimed at market share and advertising dollars – actual news be damned.

      I told you I was smitten with this show 🙂

      • It certainly deserved the Emmy for scriptwriting. Be nice to think it could actually change the state of play. CNN (the only international news i get here now since BBC and Sky parted ways) is now unwatchable… literally.

      • I’m a die hard fan of CBC news. Not that they are lily white, but they sure as hell give it their best shot. I don’t know if you can pick it up in Brazil, maybe on an internet feed – CBC radio kicks ass! I listen to it all the time.

        As for intelligent shows like The Newsroom – not a snowballs chance in hell they’ll make a lick of difference. They’re only preaching to the choir 🙂

  1. Loved this show – too bad it wasn’t longer. Intriguingly, Will McAvoy is on twitter under WillMcAvoyACN – fighting the good fight.

  2. The problem is those that like Obama and his political bent think anything that is said against him is a lie. Those that know the truth about how Obama is destroying this country like Fox News or any programs that lambaste Obama & his regime of wrong. Fortunately, the main stream media is finally getting on O’s case after having their phones tapped. They still have a problem leaning to the left so some of their reporting is not as realistic or harsh as it needs to be.
    I’ll watch for that show. I’m curious how accurate it is. Of course, I’ll be leaning right when I watch it.

    • My goodness. for starters – how is Obama destroying America? A serious question coming from a Canadian who perhaps missed a memo or two.I would honestly like to know how Fox News travels the straight and narrow truth while other news networks apparently spew propaganda.

      You should watch an episode of The Newsroom. I would truly be fascinated by your interpretation.

      In one episode Obama takes a trip to India. An Indian newspaper wrongly reports the trip costs 200 million dollars. (In truth it was 6 million) Within hours Bill O’Reilly is reporting Obama’s trip is costing taxpayers 40 million dollars a day. Next Rush Limbaugh is all over the story and reports one quarter of the American navy is being diverted as an escort. Holy crap! Total fabrication – not a lick of truth to any of it, yet this hogwash is being swallowed whole.

  3. While I have never once said nor thought that the U.S. is the greatest country in the world, for indeed in many ways it is not, I felt the man could have made his points without yelling, cussing and demeaning a young college student who was trying to learn something. That said, I would also like to note that he named three areas in which the U.S. leads the world, none of which are anything to be proud of, but I would add a fourth: we lead the world in the number of guns per capita and the number of gun-related deaths.

    • If you watched the Newsroom, not just a clip here and there, demeanor of Jeff Daniels Will McAvoy character would be realized as an expression of hopeless frustration. Hands down one of the best TV series ever produced. America could use a few Will McAvoys to represent investigative truth in news media, resist pressure to attract viewer market shares or satisfy advertisers by reporting unsubstantiated rumors and champion fundamental rights of all for the good of the nation. 🙂

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