More Americans Believe Obama is Muslim Than Accept Evolution

In a Gallup poll taken last year more Americans believed Obama was Muslim than believed in the theory of evolution. Almost half – 47% of Americans polled accepted creationism, (up from 44% in 1982)  while 32% opted for “intelligent design” , the theory that God played a role in the development of man, 78% responded God at least played some part in human development. By political affiliation 58% of Republicans, 41% Democrats, and 39% of independents answered that God made man.

News flash America – Obama is not a Muslim – and even if he was, what possible difference would it make? What if he were a Scientologist, Jehovah Witness, or Buddhist? Scientology enjoys tax free, non profit status in America because you geniuses decided their “free personality test” fulfilled the requirement of a mission. This doesn’t seem to bother you in the slightest, but I suspect pharmaceutical companies would pull out their hair since Scientology claims mental illness is a myth. Maybe Obama could become a Jehovah Witness, he knocks on a lot of doors and might stand a chance of becoming one of the 170,00 chosen to ascend to heaven. I realize a Buddhist Obama is pushing it; Buddha after all was simply a man who searched for kindness, caring, and decency over money, power, and greed.  Mitt Romney is Mormon; that didn’t seem to bother anyone. Nobody got on Romney’s case over the founding father of the Mormon religion – Joseph Smith – being jailed for fraud over a fortune telling scheme gone wrong, having a “vision” when released from jail, then starting a religion believing among other things that dark skinned people were descendants of an evil lost tribe of Israel.

Clearly faith is a matter of opinion, a subject that divides and angers to the point of hatred. If anyone can explain what difference it makes in their lives what others choose to believe, I would be grateful. If anyone could give a single reason why it’s any of their business – I’ll listen.

5 thoughts on “More Americans Believe Obama is Muslim Than Accept Evolution

  1. I think the beliefs of people in public office are important, and they should be open about them. For instance, people who believe in deities who may personally send them instructions that go against the logical assessment of situations are free to set up their own businesses and be in employment generally, but I would not be keen for them to be voted into any kind of office that makes decisions on behalf of the population at large. Although I guess the label of a specific religion doesn’t usually tell you how someone is going to make decisions.

    • I believe the only way we can advance as a society is to get past religion in politics. The only public disclosure required of a candidate running for political office should be a standard declaration, required by law as part of the nomination process.This declaration would state any laws they were philosophically opposed to, and have them swear an oath not to discriminate or change law (such as abortion, or gay rights) based on their faith.Finally I would ban any reference to God or the bible in political speeches.

      We have to move past religion. We have change the walking on eggshells approach to the church, and make them answer to the same rule of law as everyone else.:)

  2. Because Obama’s faith, or lack thereof, interferes with our lives. Initially he claimed to be Christian then he went to visit some foreign country and bowed deeply to the Prince who was Muslim. They hugged. If Obama was a ‘Christian’, he would not have bowed. His deep bow indicated submission and respect to that leader. In essence dragging out country with him. Muslims do not hug anyone but other Muslims.
    Then Obama claims that he is Muslim. His accent is quite good when using their words, so it’s not something foreign to him. Yet this past Easter, while addressing his audience he says…”as we Christians”, including himself. Either the man can’t make up his mind what religion he is, or he thinks we are too stupid to know you cannot be both a Christian and a Muslim.
    He has put Muslims in numerous aspects of the government, military and businesses. That way, when Obama is out of office, there will be other Muslims to take over.
    Now, tell me. How do you not consider this a problem? They do not believe in our way of life. They do not respect our laws, nor do they feel they need to obey our laws. They believe the only good Christian is a dead one. By the way, that includes anyone not of the Muslim faith which means agnostics, scientists, and Jehovah’s Witness, etc.
    Another thought to keep in mind, it’s 144,000, not 170,000; and they actually have passed that number. The only problem with that religion is they are a bit ahead of schedule. The Rapture has to take place first then God calls 144,000 of those that are left on earth to be witnesses for Christ. It’s all explained in the Book of Revelation.
    I haven’t quite figured out how to take you, if you’re serious or not about Obama. You might just be trying to annoy people and find out who you can rile the most. I know it’s in God’s hands, and He is still in control. Why I’m taking the bait at 3 AM is anybody’s guess. Good night.

    • There isn’t a thing I can say or do if you believe my admiration of Obama is expressed to “bait” you. Oh, my aching head!

      We are so far apart I despair to even continue….

      That said, let me address your point of view.How on earth does Obama’s faith impact your life? Does it prevent you from raising your family, going to work, writing, or getting out of bed in the morning?

      Do you know anything about protocol? Do you realize foreign leaders travel with protocol teams, and good manners dictate bows, curtsies, and hand shakes.Have you ever travelled to a foreign country? Has it ever crossed your mind that your perspective is no different than that of a fundamentalist Muslim? Have you ever stopped to ponder what gives you the right to dictate a Christian life to millions of Muslims?

      Next – please fill me in on when Obama declared he was Muslim. Honestly, I really want to know where you came up with this.If I learned some Farsi would I be a Muslim? Or would I simply be broadening my horizons? Have you any concept of diplomacy or international relations?

      I find it discouraging that you’ve interpreted my thoughts as “bait” rather than “reason” I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone cares to believe.Clearly my intent has been lost on you; sadly lost on too many.

      I’ll put my message in a nutshell – religion is a personal matter, one that should be kept at home. Religion is responsible for 99.9% of the misery in the world. Islamic fundamentalists are as bat shit crazy as Christian fundamentalists.I don’t want to read the bible, or annoy people because I don’t. What possible difference does it make to anybody else? I’m not making the slightest impact on yours or anyone else’s life.

      But please, I beg you – stop “baiting” me with blanket statements like “Obama claims to be Muslim, then Christian” Where do you come up with this stuff? Yikes, and good night.

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