Pondering Cover Songs

Every once and a while I stumble upon a great cover of some song I love. “Covering” another artists music is tricky; especially if the song is well known, or the artist has a unique voice or style. Tribute bands can scrape together a living playing rock for booze fuelled patrons in bars across the country; most likely decent musicians, but lacking the creativity or inexplicable quality to set them apart.

Often the most appealing “covers” are those performed by an artist who simply plays “tribute” by singing something from their heart and soul. No pretention, no mimicking, no effort. It’s no secret Neil Young is one of my favourite artists, I would place him at the top of my list. This lovely cover of Old Man by Elen Wendt put a smile on my face.

One thought on “Pondering Cover Songs

  1. Interesting… and provocative.

    Slightly off topic, I suspect, but years ago I travelled as a warranty representative for a large firm. Too many nights in lonely hotels. But in Northern Wisconsin I was amazed to find 4 separate hotel/saloon circuits where local bands would make their rounds over the course of a month or so.

    It often struck me that the “circuits” were distinctly identifiable by the degree of the artist’s / group’s originality. The more original, creative, and good, the better the gigs. Not sure what happens now that music has gotten less melodic and lyrics have sunk into the gutter but you’d think artist’s would realize that there is a pathway to greater things that doesn’t involve copying others.

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