Feeling Passive Aggresive

There are dozens of interesting topics rattling around my head, topics of interest without the slightest whiff of politics or religion. My practical side is screaming at an oblivious passive aggressive streak rearing it’s ugly head. Last night I received a comment on one of my posts; I’m not going to say which one, or name the author, but will quote an excerpt…

“Because Obama’s faith, or lack thereof, interferes with our lives. Initially he claimed to be Christian then he went to visit some foreign country and bowed deeply to the Prince who was Muslim. They hugged. If Obama was a ‘Christian’, he would not have bowed. His deep bow indicated submission and respect to that leader. In essence dragging out country with him. Muslims do not hug anyone but other Muslims.
Then Obama claims that he is Muslim. His accent is quite good when using their words, so it’s not something foreign to him. Yet this past Easter, while addressing his audience he says…”as we Christians”, including himself. Either the man can’t make up his mind what religion he is, or he thinks we are too stupid to know you cannot be both a Christian and a Muslim.
He has put Muslims in numerous aspects of the government, military and businesses. That way, when Obama is out of office, there will be other Muslims to take over.”

My apologies – I simply can’t help myself – I’m a nice person who should be sensible by letting it go. That said, who can blame me for a clip of George Bush holding hands and  kissing King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

14 thoughts on “Feeling Passive Aggresive

  1. The commenter that inspired this post is obviously one that cannot see clearly. His/her vision appears to be blinded by a dislike (hatred) of Obama. Nice to see you put a perspective on this that clarifies the issue.

    • I believe it’s more fascination than restraint. I honestly want to understand how people can end up in a place where declarations like these become fact in their mind. To weave religion and politics so tightly that Obama is Muslim for bowing to an Arab leader is beyond my comprehension. 🙂

  2. Initial reaction: “Dyamn! I sure hugged me some lovely followers of Isa / Christ in my life – which then means they’re now Muslims.” – Reminds me of this comment that claimed Muslims also ‘secretly’ convert Christians to Islam during inter-faith marriages …the latter goes through life as a Muslim, but never knowing it. What this person accepts as ‘fact’ …is astounding and sad at the same time.

    • For a moment it feels like my head is going to explode – so gob smacked I wonder if it’s all a big joke. Then reality sets in and I fear for the future.This person also asked why I purposely “baited” people and went out of my way to annoy.Briefly considering to leave it alone, as reason” was futile – second glass of wine me decided that a picture speaks a thousand words – simply couldn’t resist the video of Bush holding hands with and kissing a Muslim. 🙂

  3. I was delighted when B. Hussein Obama brought a middle eastern name to the US presidency. Like an idiot I thought that people would now add some nuance to their preconceived closed religious minds. Clearly, I underestimated the depth of stupidity.

    • Cool 🙂 I’ve never worn AMAZE – balls before but do admit I was rather pleased with it too 🙂 Some people aren’t able to read (not literally, but figuratively) reason,listen to anything other than the Glen Beck’s, Bill O’Reilly’s, and Ann Coulter’s of this world. The only sensible action is to bitch slap them with a video. Something they can relate to. FYI – it stopped further nonsense 🙂

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