A Dark Day in American History

The not guilty verdict delivered to George Zimmerman; neighbourhood vigilante – is a dark day in American history. I’m not sad or disgusted, I’m depressed. I feel like a crushing weight prevents my every breath and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. As good old boys pat each other on the back, raising a glass to this “victory” – bile fills my mouth, fighting waves of grief and disbelief – I ask, where is justice in America?

To be fair, many would consider my description of Zimmerman as “neighbourhood vigilante” biased. To be clear; this ponder is my opinion. I am neither judge or jury – all I have to go on is gut reaction, instinct, and considerable thought. Anyone who has followed my blog for a while understands I don’t believe unelected, non-profit lobbyists should be handed the power enjoyed by the NRA. I’m just as vocal on America’s assertion they have a constitutional right to sleep with a gun under their pillow. I see both as tentacles on the same monster.

I’ve agreed to disagree with many sensible people; sensible in that right or wrong, we are all a product of our environment. People reasonable enough to debate my Canadian mind set, trying to relate it to theirs. believe it or not – I get it; I grasp why Americans keep a gun within reach. That said, these are not the people who would take it upon themselves to prowl their neighbourhood at night, puffed up like a righteous Wyatt Erp.

One thing I’m fairly certain of; if Zimmerman was African American and Trayvon Martin white – the verdict would have been different. That’s the truly depressing part, the point where I’m empty, but for the vomit in my mouth.This is a dark day for America, a point in time encapsulating all that is wrong with the growing tentacles on a very scary monster. Sadly, it takes a lot to truly knock me on my ass – today was one of those rare days.