A Dark Day in American History

The not guilty verdict delivered to George Zimmerman; neighbourhood vigilante – is a dark day in American history. I’m not sad or disgusted, I’m depressed. I feel like a crushing weight prevents my every breath and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. As good old boys pat each other on the back, raising a glass to this “victory” – bile fills my mouth, fighting waves of grief and disbelief – I ask, where is justice in America?

To be fair, many would consider my description of Zimmerman as “neighbourhood vigilante” biased. To be clear; this ponder is my opinion. I am neither judge or jury – all I have to go on is gut reaction, instinct, and considerable thought. Anyone who has followed my blog for a while understands I don’t believe unelected, non-profit lobbyists should be handed the power enjoyed by the NRA. I’m just as vocal on America’s assertion they have a constitutional right to sleep with a gun under their pillow. I see both as tentacles on the same monster.

I’ve agreed to disagree with many sensible people; sensible in that right or wrong, we are all a product of our environment. People reasonable enough to debate my Canadian mind set, trying to relate it to theirs. believe it or not – I get it; I grasp why Americans keep a gun within reach. That said, these are not the people who would take it upon themselves to prowl their neighbourhood at night, puffed up like a righteous Wyatt Erp.

One thing I’m fairly certain of; if Zimmerman was African American and Trayvon Martin white – the verdict would have been different. That’s the truly depressing part, the point where I’m empty, but for the vomit in my mouth.This is a dark day for America, a point in time encapsulating all that is wrong with the growing tentacles on a very scary monster. Sadly, it takes a lot to truly knock me on my ass – today was one of those rare days.

11 thoughts on “A Dark Day in American History

  1. Felt strange to ‘like’ this post, but I know where you’re head is at, mines there too. I did expect the verdict to come back as it did, not sad or angry, disappointed sums up how I feel.. I made the mistake of tuning into the Fox News coverage after the verdict (sadly, it was the only American news source being broadcast in Australia) and that put a bigger downer on my day. According to Fox reporters race had and should not have had anything to do with the case… But as you put, if Zimmerman had been black and Trayvon white, well, we know how it’d go..

  2. I am from the US and have been following this case from the start. I read about it to form my own opinion I don’t watch the news and let them give me their opinion on anything. In theory I agree with everything you said. I believe the prosecutors were at fault. They were blamed from the beginning for going for the death penitently. While I don’t like the verdict the fact remains the prosecution could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that He was guilty of murder.

    • As I said in my post – I couldn’t be judge or jury.( as much as I wished for “justice”) All the same, my opinion like yours is based on the 911 recordings, I would rather slit my wrists than subject myself to the “news” The prosecution didn’t even arrest Zimmerman for 44 days after the murder, and only because they caved to international pressure. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t prosecutors elected in America? Maybe I’m thinking of District Attorney posts – but you see what I’m getting at.I did watch a bit of the trial and was blown away when the prosecution rested.Then there is the murky cloud hanging over who paid for Zimmerman’s defence. Sure the jury returned a verdict, but was it a fair trial?

      • No prosecutors are hired by the District Attorney they are the ones that are elected. Prosecutors are underpaid and highly overworked. The money in this country is a defense attorney. In my opinion this is another high profile case that goes all the way back to the OJ Simpson case. Where they brought in the high paid defense attorneys that made the prosecutors look like fools. Those prosecutors all quit after the trial and I think the ones in this trial will do the same. I think I read that the majority of the defense team volunteered their time to try to make a name for them selves but I am not really sure on that one. In the end I don’t think it was a fair trial and I don’t for a second believe he was innocent.

  3. I know we have very different viewpoints on gun control but I do think we can agree that there were many errors in this case right from the beginning. There needs to be a standard procedure for processing anyone who discharges a firearm so that all evidence is preserved. Only in that way can anyone get a fair trial. When evidence is corrupted or made invalid by proper procedure the whole court system fails and that is disheartening.

    In some ways, I wish the trial had been available nationwide as it was in the Casey Anthony case because I feel that hearing all of what was presented is the only way to understand why the jury voted the way they did…the prosecution did not make their case and the jury had to work with the evidence and testimony given to them. It was an intelligent jury, IMHO. I don’t think the decision was made lightly and I hope they are able to maintain their anonymity for a long time.

    I think the best advice, “For Trayvon to rest in peace, there must be peace” Trayvon Family attorney, Benjamin Crump.

  4. Wonder where Al Sharpton and his ‘ol buddy Jesse Jackson are? They love to stir and milk any controversy like this with even the slightest racial overtones. For sure they will be along soon, I have faith.

  5. “Breaking News: Black vigilante stalks and kills white youth ‘acting suspiciously’ in primarily-black neighborhood.” Same verdict? I doubt it.

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