Scientology – You Don’t Fool Me.

Canada is a sensible place; far from perfect, yet undeniably sensible in matters of gun legislation, the death penalty, same sex marriage, political contributions, and religion. Our border guards were only issued fire arms a few years ago, security guards are not allowed to carry weapons, and other than a hunting rifle – forget it. Canada’s last execution took place in 1962, by 1966 capital punishment was limited to the murder of on duty police officers and prison guards. In 1976 capital punishment was removed from Canada’s criminal code and replaced with a mandatory 25 year sentence. Same sex marriage has been legal since 2005, although some provinces recognized it much earlier. Strict caps are placed on political contributions,  business are not allowed to contribute to election campaigns, and lobbyist is not a profession. Canada drops the religious ball from time to time; a prime example would be the polygamist colony of Bountiful, yet sensibly refuses to recognize Scientology.

This might explain the flyer Scientology put in my mail box today. Lacking official recognition in Canada; therefore denied non- profit or tax exempt status, this business is free to show their true colours. Without the burden of pretending their “free personality test” fulfils America’s requirement for a church to prove they have a “mission”, they can drop the façade.  L. Ron Hubbard’s obvious “joke” is something any country who recognizes and rolls out the tax exempt carpet, should be ashamed of.

The front side of the flyer showed the cover of a book titled Clear Mind. Over a background picture of lush green and a waterfall were the words “clear body clear”. Flipping it over I found an order form asking me to send 24.00 per copy for this purification program to improve IQ and personality. Prominently displayed Visa and Mastercard icons were larger than two before and after graphs which I can only ponder must have represented personality and IQ.

“If you want to make a little money write a book, if you want to make a lot start a religion” – L. Ron Hubbard

Science fiction writer Hubbard started Scientology in 1954, their “bible” is Dianetics,The Modern Science of Mental Health, and name their “deity” the Supreme Being. They claim the human mind is restricted by subconscious thoughts, needing to be freed from negative thoughts called “engrams, under the “guidance” of an “auditor” the mind is cleared to release an everlasting spirit (aka – thetan). Or if you prefer – my favourite episode of South Park explaining humans are actually the spirits of a lost race from the planet Xenu.

Since 1993 Scientology has basked in tax exempt glory in America.  Taiwan, Sweden, South Africa, Slovenia, New Zealand, Australia, Croatia, Austria, and Argentina also recognize the Supreme Being of Xenu. Countries like Israel and France consider it a cult, while Russia, when slapped on the wrist by the European Human Rights Commission for refusing to recognize Scientology retaliated by banning books written by Hubbard as “extremist material”.

I’m no expert on religion but was born with a head on my shoulders. This “pyramid scheme” would be comical if the reality wasn’t so astounding. Americans wail about taxes then look away as these snake oil salesmen laugh all the way to the bank. I could care less what Tom Cruise or John Travolta do with their money – that said, come on people! Tax exempt status for marketing a book to improve IQ and personality? Has the world gone mad?