Lester Chambers Attacked

I’m going to let this video do most of the talking. Taken at the Hayward-Russell City Blues Festival in Hayward California shortly before the Trayvon Martin verdict. Seventy three year old blues legend Lester Chambers dedicated Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready” to Trayvon Martin. Without warning, 43 year old Dinalynn Andrews Potter climbed on stage, knocking Chambers down while beating him. It’s hard to make out in the clip but witnesses reported her shouting “it’s all your fault”. Potter has been charged with assault – Chambers was treated in hospital.

While completely understanding American perspectives – not wanting to stir up trouble; I find it fascinating the incident received little or no coverage in the U.S. Most news coverage comes from the UK or foreign press. I ponder how many Americans were even aware of this racial out burst.

5 thoughts on “Lester Chambers Attacked

  1. WoW!

    I admit that since we’ve been in the RV that we both watch less News coverage with wonky TV connections but I didn’t hear a peep about this story. Not one word.

    It’s not surprising, one major part of the population refuses to believe that they are prejudiced, bigoted, or even slightly sensitive.

    On a different tack, our daughter does volunteer work for a local hospice and she is currently visiting a 90 year old with terminal something (my daughter told me but I forgot — one of those long medical names). The two of them got to talking about Trayvon Martin and Irene (the patient — the 90 yr. old one) said that in her lifetime she really doesn’t see much change in racial prejudice. I’m 30 years younger and I have to agree with her. We make a lot of noise about the ways we in the U.S. have addressed prejudice and segregation and it’s true that blacks can go and can do where and what they could not do 40 yrs ago, and yes, there are more interracial couples and interracial children — but prejudice is still just as alive and ‘well’ as ever it has been — it’s just hiding.

    I wish ANYONE knew how to fix that. I doubt anyone does.

    In Ireland, once the Catholics and Protestants began doing business with each other a lot of the violence calmed down — but here it appears that having economic reasons to be tolerant haven’t changed as much as the same change might have made in other places.

    But then how is that surprising? The Middle East has been embroiled in centuries old prejudice and bigotry with no end of the conflict in sight. And that, I think, is the heart of the matter: Hatred is Ugly, but war and genocide are even worse.

    I’m sad we see so much prejudice and hatred, but I’m glad it hasn’t turned into racial cleansing or… well… you get the point.

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    • In 1984 Oliver North drafted a plan called Rex 84. It was a contingency plan to “inter” millions of African Americans in the case of civil unrest.


      Saying it blows my mind, can’t even begin to describe how mind boggling zero U.S. coverage of the Chambers beating is.I understand not wanting to fan fires within the black community (take a peak at Rex 84)It simply isn’t excusable – this story is big news everywhere except America. Frankly; it paints an ugly picture of a country gone mad. 🙂

      Mine is a mixed race family – years ago my husband and I were in Great Falls Montana with our infant daughter. We went into a small shopping mall to buy diapers. Within minutes we felt the tension. Whispers, pointing fingers, I can’t tell you how uncomfortable we felt – without saying a word to each other as we both knew; we high tailed it to the car.America’s racial problems are understandable yet unforgivable.

  2. I can only speak for myself and some of my friends that have talked about this subject. Americans as a general rule have been dealing with racial problems and unfairness for close to fourty years unfortunately most of this like the video you posted just isn’t newsworthy anymore. I think this happens so often we have to an extent become immune.

    • I find your comment interesting for many reasons. Please believe me when I say – I’m not cringing or judging – simply fascinated by your perspective.

      When you say Americans have been dealing with racial problems and unfairness for close to 40 years, it forces me to ask if white America believes the “problem” started when African Americans were allowed to ride the front of the bus and sit at the lunch counter? I can say with certainty unfairness began when slave ships unloaded their human cargo. I don’t doubt America was a simpler place when African Americans were second class citizens – I get why anti- bigotry legislation caused “problems” for white America used to calling the shots.Many, many Americans were happy with things just the way they were.

      As for this video just being another day in America – hardly news – all I can say is how sad that makes me.

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