Notes is now a member of Car2Go, a car sharing program developed by Daimler in Ulm, Germany, 2008. Nothing short of brilliant, I’m stoked over the concept, no need to purchase a second car, and how easy it is to use. Car2Go is now running in 7 countries, with over 7000 gas and electric “Smart cars”.

The premise is simple; locate a car2go, swipe your card against security panel to unlock the doors. Enter your PIN code and drive away.When finished, swipe your card again to stop your trip. Trips are charged to your account at .38 cents a minute, you don’t pay for gas, parking, or insurance. If you find your vehicle low on gas and choose to stop and fill up – enter your PIN again to open the glove box containing Car2Go credit card and fill up. For your trouble, Car2Go credits your account with a discounted charge for that trip. An app downloaded to your android phone pinpoints the location of the nearest car, which you can then reserve up to a half hour in advance. I live next to a hospital, most days a car is parked in front of my house. With over 300 cars in the Vancouver area, a Car2Go is never more than a few blocks away.

A taxi in Vancouver starts at 3.20 on the meter, then 1.84 a Km., or 32.86 an hour. With Car2Go, I could drive downtown and be parked in under 15 minutes – normally about a 12 – 15 dollar cab ride,now under 6 dollars, and I park anywhere for free.

As I said – simple and genius.