Tofino Bound

A short trip is better than no trip; even a day or two away from “life” is often enough to recharge your batteries. My batteries are stone cold dead, so Tofino, here I come.

Tofino is a tiny village on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Situated next to Clayoquot Sound – the location of the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. Over 800 people were arrested in the summer of 1993 for blockading logging roads, and “hugging” old growth trees in an attempt to protect an irreplaceable old growth rain forest. This magnificent valley is now Pacific Rim National Park. I’m sure there will be a post about the power of peaceful protest in Notes future.

Back to my road trip – a relaxing ferry ride to Naniamo, followed by a 3 – 4 hour drive up, then across the island to Long Beach on the western shore of Vancouver Island. This place is crazy beautiful, nestled between Tofino and the village of Ucluelet, I can honestly state there is no place more lovely in all of Canada.

After three weddings in three days, ranging from a politicians daughter to tonight’s boisterous nuptials (for the first time in my 30 plus years in hospitality, heavy metal band Slayer was the head banging music of choice), I’m ready for an “old growth” getaway.

6 thoughts on “Tofino Bound

  1. Yesterday, I shared with our mutual friend silkannthreades what Lake Louise was like when I visited, a place where she always dreamed of going. Today, I want you to share with me…to be my eyes…what you saw and the emotions you felt.

    More than thirty years ago, when my first husband and I were starting out a new life we had a grand honeymoon touring trip with the final destination of camping on Naniamo. For reason that I will not detail, we made it as far as the ferry ride to the island, stepped foot on the island and then turned back, never meeting our destination.

    This destination was supposed to be the icing on the cake…I planned the trip…looked forward to it…and got to the pearly gates of it. What was inside those pearly gates?

  2. Ooooo are you ready for an eeeeerie co-inkie-dink? You mentioned 30 yrs in hospitality, 3 weddings and such…P and I are both night auditors in a swankieposh, off the beaten path, resort. Every weekend we contend with 1-5 weddings, by ourselves I might add. No management, 1 bellman and if we are lucky 2 security guards. The property is huge with 3 off property sites (1 is 10 miles away) and our minimal security coverage extends to that as well. I speak from the heart when I say we totally understand your need for an ‘old growth getaway’.
    We’ve been keeping the lid on that insane asylum for over 7 years (no small wonder we have begun planning our dream quest- my only question is…Why did it take us so long?

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