“Notes” on Tofino

Home again from an all too brief road trip – not so much a ponder, as a travel diary and completed assignment for Mrs. P. Mrs. P is one of my long time wordpress friends; after writing that I was Tofino bound, she sent a message asking me to be her eyes and ears on my trip. Having planned the same trip 30 years ago – circumstance prevented her from leaving the mainland. She made it as far as the ferry terminal; that is where I’ll begin my story.

2013-08-15 01.37.27

I could see “that look” cross my husband’s face; the poor man, we had barely pulled away from the dock when I realized my cell phone was still resting on the counter of the coffee shop back at the terminal. On some level, detecting his centre deflate as he braced for my meltdown; yet predictably staying the course to deliver his worst fears, I lost my mind for a few minutes before gaining the practical sense to locate the Chief Steward’s office. It was only after the Steward’s phone call back to the terminal allowed me to breath again, with news my phone had been turned in, that I explained source of my hysterics. He’s always been the photographer, and me the writer, he had no idea I was on assignment with my phone camera destined to be an integral part of my Mrs. P. project. On the same page, and with my dramatic over reaction in perspective he was on board – from that moment on, I called out “Mrs. P” and he took pictures for me.

I thought I could sit down and write this story but find myself overwhelmed with literally thousands of pictures. Β To be a window shouldn’t be taken lightly, with that in mind I’m going to ponder my approach for a day so I can do justice to Mrs. P’s lost trip. For the moment; tired, happy, sandy, and a rather unflattering shot of my ass as I peer into a tidal pool, is all I’ve got.


5 thoughts on ““Notes” on Tofino

  1. WOW…You’re awesome! Okay, even with this little tease, I got teary eyed over your thoughtfulness…surprising myself. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ You get three of these since I don’t know how to to the one with the ear to ear smile.

  2. Welcome back!

    I can’t imagine — 30 years later — how much would have changed, and yet remained the same.

    It’s funny how places have their own spirit — that ‘something’ that lives on beyond the generations, that certain ‘place-ness.’ I look forward to your account.

    (and I’m glad you found your phone — that kind of meltdown I fully understand)

    A retired Photographer looks at life
    Life Unscripted

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