Church and State

When I look back at history, I can’t help but think scary similarities are rearing their ugly heads. Like it or not; religion has  dictated more historical conflict than not. At the very least, religion has shaped history according to whose temple had the most might at the time. Conquest led to far more than having your home torched – invading forces brought with them little choice – death or conversion. Once the soldiers finished plundering and fires went out, it was spiritual control that kept them in power. Legions of missionaries obliterated traces of former deities,history, and language. It was “gods” way or the highway.

Watching the conservative religious fundamentalist movement gain popularity has me pondering that history. I haven’t the slightest problem with a person’s faith, god, or beliefs. It doesn’t matter one iota what anyone chooses to believe – happy to never discuss religion for the rest of my days – but for this army of religious bullies pushing their weight around. I can’t shake the feeling that history is repeating itself.

In many ways fundamentalist assaults are worse than ancient military campaigns – instead of simply getting the job done – fundamentalists appear as everyday people. They enter politics preying on fear or family values, without blinking an eye to the nature of their assault.without understanding the damage they are doing.  In America they claim to fight for the constitution; the same constitution that promised freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Using media as an unimaginably powerful weapon, they spread paranoia, misinformation, and  dissension without even realizing their attack on fundamental human rights. It is their way or the highway.

It would be incredibly naive of me to think these bullies have the slightest inkling of the damage they cause. The only hope is to ban any reference to God or religion in politics. How dare any of them claim to uphold the constitution – they know of no constitution other than the bible, which has no place in politics.

I don’t have to read the bible or believe in God to respect people who do. My issue is with fundamentalists bullying people  to read the bible and believe in God. Conservative politicians using God as a weapon that takes away the freedom of choice or beliefs. It makes my blood boil.

29 thoughts on “Church and State

  1. Had a comment prepared…… It disappeared……. WordPress on the smartphone – not so smart.

    I agree 100%. I am over religion playing a role in politics. If it isn’t the politicians or the parties bringing religion into it, it’s the public…. I do not think we’ll ever reach the stage where politics is free from religious input and values/ideas.

    • Religion out of politics is something we have to stand up for and demand. It isn’t enough to stand by and think it will pass. In this day and age we can only move forward by taking religion off the table

  2. The fundamentalists might be noisy, but that type of crazy has a way of burning itself out. The counterweight to the crazy (rational, logic-based secularism) is more than its match.

      • Ooh, don’t scare me like that. I am biased but do believe saner minds are starting to pay attention here. Should have a better grasp after mid terms next year. 🙂

      • We need to be scared – it has me shaking in my boots.Sane minds have a tendency to believe bat shit crazy will go away simply because it’s too nuts.Viewed as too preposterous to succeed they do nothing; when it’s too late all the “holy craps” in the world can’t turn back time. I watch American news whenever I can stomach it and see not one hint of protest against state and church – you should be scared. 🙂
        Happy mid-terms

      • A re-blog warms the heart of this Canadian girl. Words are powerful tools – just look at how far they’ve taken fundamentalist wing nuts.

        I can’t hope to ever understand America – I am however waiting for the day when an American has the balls to stand up and tackle church and state.In the mean time – having the insight to re-blog is a start 🙂

      • Notes, you have given me an idea for a blog. I will try to work on something and blog with more detail on what i see going on with the church state relationships in this country.

  3. I wonder why it is gaining popularity at this point in time. It would make more sense if it was losing popularity as access to education increases. I’m sure fear is at the heart of its appeal, but I guess I’m too far removed from the societies it’s happening in to understand what type of fear.

    • I often talk about a documentary I saw on HBO a few years ago called Collapse. I highly recommend everyone watch it if they can. Michael Ruppert puts an interesting perspective on events happening today. He explains society is going through the stages of grief – at the moment in the denial stage. If you get a chance download it – only 80 minutes long, and fascinating stuff. 🙂

  4. Religion in politics has never been much of an issue in Canada. The black robes ruled Quebec until the sixties but we’ve never had to deal with the obcenity of showboating evangelism as politics here like America has and even there it has crested.

    The sun is setting on the gods and there’s nothing they can do about it now that we are discovering their secrets. Good riddence to the whole rotten lot of them.

    “Men will never be free until the last king has been strangled with the entrails of the last priest” Denis Diderot

    • So true about Canada and one of the reasons I’m a proud Canadian.

      Interesting you should use the term “rotten” – as the saying goes – “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch” I sort of view religion this way – without question there are millions of decent “god fearing” people in the world. It doesn’t make the slightest difference to me if “god” is part of their lives, as long as they don’t try to make it part of mine.Matters of faith belong at home, personal and behind closed doors. Nobody’s business but your own.

      Godly politics are criminal. It is an affront to basic human rights, freedom of choice, and an offence to the constitution.I find it jaw dropping that “sane” Americans zip their lips and twiddle their thumbs while these zealots create havoc, spread lies, and hide their agendas behind a bible.

      Every once and a while I have a “holy crap” moment when it occurs to me that they see my opinion as crazy.

      I’ve been invited to the “rapture” provided I change my view of Obama; my views on abortion garnered a response telling me the writer hoped someone I loved was murdered so I would know how that felt and in the same breath suggesting I go kill some babies.Bat shit crazy….

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