A Musical Theory


Despite the fact I couldn’t carry a tune to save my life, I secretly dreamed of being a “do-wap” girl. To be honest I thought life should be a musical. Certain there was a tune for any situation – I would imagine city streets erupting into song and dance. Maybe I was having a bad day or bored out of my mind; I can’t say for sure, it was a long time ago. The point is – music made everything right – even if it was only in my head.

Watch the little girl in the video; not a care in the world, allowing herself to taken away by music. Music is primal, powerful, and liberating. The world would be a better place if we all just let our hair down and gave into it. Playing For Change is trying to spread that message – go ahead, let down your guard and dance, The world might ย seem a bit easier to take – ย and for anyone with 13 minutes to spare, click on the link below ย – Clarence Bekker kicks ass.


10 thoughts on “A Musical Theory

  1. Loved the vid. You are so right about music. I write 10-12 hours a day, everyday and always have my iTunes going on with something from my music library. But dance–dance, dance, dance. Somtimes even wiithout any music, exceopt in my head I’ll start dancing in the middle of the floor, or even at my desk–scares the hell out of the dogs. Good post.>KB

  2. Great video, a very nice song and as you say the freedom & joy of the child just going with the flow of the music is refreshing. Dancing does liberate the soul…as they say, dance as it no one is watching. That is the way to live a life.

  3. “I thought life should be a musical”

    Me too…and I just loved musicals when I was a kid.

    Every once in a while, when I was in the middle of teaching a class, I spontaneously stop talking and would sing all of my replies to my students. It was fun, lighthearted and took all of the seriousness out of school. Thank goodness children are very forgiving about the quality of one’s voice. I have never had a child tell me that my singing was bad and I sang freely when I was with them…but more than one adult has said so, Now I do my singing in the car, where I am the only one who has to listen to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Music is about letting go – I see dance the same way.If only we could be like the girl in that video – the world would be a better place:) I’m glad you found Playing for Change. Click on the link at the bottom of the post it’s SO GOOD.

      • Yes to dance being the same way! That was THE BEST Playing For Change video I have ever seen!!!! So much energy, I loved it!

      • It warms my heart to know I’ve found another Playing for Change fan in you. I agree it’s one of the best videos – I can play that clip over and over never getting tired of Clarence Bekker’s silken voice. It’s magical – and yes, I dance my ass off every time ๐Ÿ™‚

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