The Citadel

Call me a silly Canadian but I’m inclined to think building a fortified town, populated by heavily armed citizens in a remote corner of Idaho borders on treason – America on the other hand calls it “The Citadel”.

According to an article that appeared in the Idaho Statesman in January of this year, convicted felon Christian Kerodin is the promoter behind the “fortress”. Kerodin, convicted in 2004 of extortion, posed on-line as a security expert with knowledge of malls in danger of terrorist attacks. He then demanded $122,500.00 from a mall executive to release the names of an additional 14 targeted malls. Mall executive turned out to be a homeland security officer and Kerodin served 30 months. A pay-pal account set up under his wife’s name is collecting the $208.00 application fee from prospective residents – people of like mind, drooling at the prospect of living behind a wall with enough rounds of ammunition to sink a battleship.

According to The Citadel website, this planned community will house between 3,500 – 7000 patriotic families willing to prepare for any emergency, people who are proficient with “the American icon of liberty – the rifle” They promise no home owners association, recycling,city hall, taxes, or credit/background checks.

With all due respect – what is wrong with you people? Have you taken leave of your senses, or is this all a big joke? The fact that this man was even given the time of day by – surprise, surprise – Glen Beck makes my blood boil.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness doesn’t translate into convicted felons promoting hate, fear, and weapon caches. Holy crap America; you’re losing your grip. Snap out of it.

7 thoughts on “The Citadel

  1. Idaho is a popular location for nutcases for some reason. I love that they’ll be opening the world’s first charitable/socially responsible arms factory with the Citadel walls:
    “Survival of the Citadel Community depends on making employment available for arriving families. We have already launched III Arms, a modern firearms company that will help employ the first wave of III Pioneers. III Arms is also unique in the world of firearms companies in that all profits generated are donated to the Citadel to help build our community.”

  2. I’d like to chime in from the perspective of some of those living in the immediate area in which Mr. Kerodin wants to build a fortified city…we think it’s nuts too! The world should breathe a collective sigh in knowing it is unlikely that the mountain will be able to support more than a dozen families. But those of us nearby are not all that relieved. It appears his reason for moving here is the low popuation density, rather than finding equally nutty residents. He and Mr. Miller have commented in their blog that they would like to “take over” a small town rather than build a new one. The population here is 3500. I moved my family here to enjoy the tranquility of nature and the live-and-let-live attitude of the the residents. It is unsettling to know that persons are moving in that seemingly want to pick a fight with anyone that doesn’t agree with their point of view. (I must admit that I ride both sides of the political fence – being appreciative of personal gun rights/liberties but also a huge fan of recycling and the ACLU!) It isn’t his guns that concern me, it is his attitude.

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