Canine Quandary

Now that possessing up to an ounce of marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington state; state law enforcement is scrambling to solve the problem of drug sniffing dogs. Washington in particular has a border to deal with – one that  has spent decades formulating plans to keep out the notorious “B.C. bud”. Pot isn’t legal in B.C. but you wouldn’t know that by visiting Vancouver, dubbed “Vansterdam” – numerous “pot cafes” allow patrons to bring their own marijuana and openly consume it.

So what to do with all the drug sniffing dogs? To begin with, how do you train a dog to differentiate between quantities of pot? On the Washington side of the border; a search undertaken as a result of an alert by a canine detective could possibly turn up unexpected contraband – perhaps illegal weapons were found but the amount of marijuana setting the play in motion was less than an ounce – strictly speaking, a judge could toss that evidence out of court as an “illegal search and seizure”.

Logically,  Washington state is training new dogs, ones not taught to recognize pot. Fair enough, but isn’t the whole marijuana question wearing thin? Up to an ounce is now legal in Washington and Colorado if you’re 21. In Vancouver where pot isn’t even legalized – pot cafes are allowed to operate without question as long as they don’t sell marijuana. Anyone can get a medical marijuana ticket, dispensaries as prevalent as drug stores.

Glaucoma, MS. Parkinsons, insomnia, chronic pain, seizures  – the list of ailments doctors can “prescribe” Cannabis for is longer than my arm. Governments allow sale and possession for medical reasons yet won’t allow you to grow a few plants at home. Criminal records tarnish lives for eternity, gangs shot each other over turf, prisons fill up with people caught with a “little too much” and organized crime reaps the benefits.

There are much bigger fish to fry – why not legalize marijuana, put people to work growing it, sell it as you would cigarettes, collect taxes and only go after those who think they can make a living outside these parameters. What’s the big deal? There are a lot of confused dogs without jobs who think it’s just as silly.

4/20 at the Vancouver Art Gallery (origin of 4/20 is a little clouded but at exactly 4:20 on April 20 of each year Cannabis enthusiasts light up) No – there isn’t a house on fire – simply a collective exhale.

7 thoughts on “Canine Quandary

  1. Watch out I am about to agree with you again 🙂 The government has wasted so much money over the years on this issue it is crazy. I agree that it should be legalized and taxed like cigarettes. This would save the country a lot of money and actually produce some income for the feds. Colorado is the state just to the west of where I live. They are always showing on the local news about all of these pot bust on the highway that goes to Colorado yet it hasn’t cut down the supply in Kansas. If Colorado wasn’t so damm cold I would move there 🙂

  2. Well I grew up in the 60’sand 70’s–well the 8-‘s too and beyond ,I still am. But I think you’re right. We waste a lot of money on something that people want to do, is not bad for you–though if I were to smoke some now after so long it would simply make me hungry and stupid–and should have the right to use it. Hell alcohol kills more people in a year than MJ has probably ever killed, directly at least. Best>KB

    • The pot of today is not the pot plant that sat on the top of piano in the 70’s, my dad thought it was a tomato plant. Holy crap!

      My problem is with the mixed messages – smoke it but don’t sell it, get a doctor’s note and knock yourself out, possess up to an ounce but an ounce and a half will land you in jail. It’s bat shit crazy!

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