Are Fairies Vegetarian?

Nostalgia begged I figure something out the old fashioned way. Forget the internet, reference books or Google answers – a random thought came knocking, it required untainted pondering. I sent my daughter a message – “Help me out, are fairies vegetarian?”

She saw nothing unusual about my query. It was a good question, now both of us needed to know if fairies were vegetarian and weren’t inclined to “search” for an answer

Her gut reaction was the same as mine – fairies don’t eat meat and most certainly are vegetarian. Ponders begged the obvious question – then what does Oberon serve at his banquets? My son came home, I posed the same question – he replied “fairies don’t eat food” Hmm? Well what about the banquets, and why is it we all know, those who eat from a fairy table stay there forever? We wondered if fairies where presented with gifts of food, or if food simply appeared at their tables. We dismissed the idea of fairies hunting, more comfortable with the thought of gathering seeds and honey. It was late, we agreed to sleep on it, fairy diets could wait until tomorrow.

Relatively sure fairies are vegetarian, my mind drifted to ponders of faith.It’s much too late now, Β but tomorrow I will ask my daughter if she thinks vegetarian fairy debates are any different from resurrection of Christ banter. Regardless, I refuse to “Google” any of it – tempted as I might be to search ” vegetarian fairy Jesus”.

23 thoughts on “Are Fairies Vegetarian?

  1. I would have thought that fairies eat at the banquet but do not consume. They engage in the banter, the joy and the delight in riches before them but whether that is meat, veg or sweets, it is irrelevant. No animal was slaughtered and no lettuce was cut.

    It is a great question but I’m not sure that the answer matters, if there is one. It’s all (make) belief.

    Did Jesus resurrect? I’ve noticed that atheists struggle a lot more with this than Christians. If you have (make) belief or faith than the answer isn’t relevant. If you don’t than your stuck with an unanswerable question. Although you could simply dismiss the question as (make) belief, there is no such thing as dis-proof of anything. I’m sure that there are many Christians that wouldn’t argue with atheists on the veracity of the scriptures because if they did (and when they do), they would largely agree. (Same question; same logic: same answer) They simply do not engage in such debate since they have chosen for (make) belief and faith and instead enjoy their time in fairyland (Christmas anyone?). Those are the Christians we can all live with. It’s the one’s that in a strange miss understanding of the notion faith set out to prove there beliefs, that we can’t suffer to hear. Proving the supernatural with make belief logic.

    So, fairies are vegetarians in your world. I wouldn’t disagree. Mine wear little silk tops that say: “I am not a fairy”.

    • I haven’t seen a fairy since I was 5 or 6 years old. I have no idea what they eat, nor does it really matter πŸ™‚ For what it’s worth they are vegetarian in my world – a conclusion reached after considerable pondering.

      As for faith – you hit the nail on the head, obviously catching the point I was making.

      Do your silk top fairies eat meat? πŸ™‚

  2. Considering that fairies exist in our imagination, one should be able to let them eat whatever. I’m leaning toward vegetarian. I am working on a children’s fantasy, so this is a good point. My magical animals in the real world would eat meat, fish, and plants. I’ll have to think about what to do for them in the book.
    In response to your comment about a sentient being creating the world, I do believe in God and that He is very real. He created angels, maybe some of them are tiny and fairy-like? Hmm?

  3. I doubt they’re all vegetarian. Kelpies are a good example of this considering they are considered a type of fae, but have a propensity to eat human flesh.
    I think it would just depend on the kind of fairy.

  4. Lovely post! I have to side with your son, however. Faeries, I think, do not need food, but being rather ethereal creatures, they survive on the very air they breathe, and the pixie dust that falls from the stars late at night.

  5. This is quite brilliant, although, in my pagan practice, I leave out cakes, wine, beer (sometimes) honey, and other tidbits for the good neighbors (they don’t like to be called fairies). They don’t eat per se, instead they consume the essence of the gift. In my opinion, they live on a different plane of existence compared to humans. Occasionally, they cross through and we see them. ❀

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