Attention Northern Hemisphere Sky Watchers

This is not a warning, hysterical plea to take cover or recruiting post for the tin foil hat club – simply a heads up for Northern hemisphere sky watchers. Sunspot AR1865 sent an M1 class flare our way, it should reach earth’s magnetic field this evening. Not powerful enough to cause a bad day – even though it was earth directed – the magic is expected to unfold in spectacular auroras.

Those who have witnessed Aurora’s spell understand her soul restoring powers. Those who haven’t can only hope that one day she will allow you to witness her dance across the northern sky. If you happen to find yourself in a dark place, away from city lights; gaze upwards tonight – if you’re lucky, Aurora will dance for you.

NASA – AR1865

5 thoughts on “Attention Northern Hemisphere Sky Watchers

  1. Northern lights defy description. At first you think your eyes are playing tricks on you – so other worldly is their spectacle. They wrap you in their wonder; I could watch them until sunrise, not once blinking an eye in fear of missing a single moment. Whenever I’m lucky enough to take a front row seat – it takes my breath away. πŸ™‚

  2. I miss a lot of this, living in the city light-pool. Several years ago, I had to drive the son several miles out of town to spot a comet.
    Off the subject – as you sometimes are, I occasionally write of attending the local Free Thinkers luncheon. There are several Free Thinkers/Skeptics/ Atheists groups near you, holding similar get-to-know-us meetings. Would you have the time/interest? πŸ˜•

    • Interest yes – time, on shaky ground.My life is “unscheduled” for the most part – I might start work at 4 AM or get home from work at 3 AM. Send me some info though – I’d like to learn more πŸ™‚

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