When Trouble’s Name is “Sister”

Trouble doesn’t necessarily mean “trouble”, it can mean sit down and enjoy the ride, hold onto your hat because the wind is picking up, or holy crap – this is unexpected. Trouble can mean the start of a very good day; a bat shit crazy day of wild abandon – troublesome only for those who reluctantly find themselves in a ring side seat.

I knew it was trouble when I booked a flight to visit my sister in a few weeks. It isn’t that I’m trouble or she’s trouble; the truth is – we’re trouble. We don’t mean to raise our families eyebrows or make too much noise at 3 AM – we just do, we can’t help ourselves. We are polite middle aged women who inexplicably turn into giggling morons if left alone too long. We dance, call bullshit on each other and collapse on the floor in fits of laughter.

This may not sound like trouble, yet assure you it’s troublesome to those in our path; we become idiots for reasons only we understand. In all honesty, we can’t understand what happens; what’s important is – it doesn’t matter.

I’m the little sister by ten months – she wasn’t even walking when I was born. If I was oil, she was water; two people couldn’t have been more different. We started school the same year, were known as the “sisters” and secretly loathed each others presence. We were always fighting or competing; she – outgoing, me – painfully quiet and shy. We drifted apart to the point of not even speaking to each other for years.

I couldn’t pin point the moment our lives changed; the moment we opened our eyes and looked at each other again. All I know is she’s trouble; the kind of trouble that makes me feel young and stupid, the kind of trouble that leaves us feeling sheepish as we apologize for disturbances in the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know who’s crazier, nor does it matter. Life is over in the blink of an eye; pondering irrelevant details is a waste of time – I’m perfectly content knowing trouble’s name is “sister”. Somehow, a week with her makes all my troubles go away.

17 thoughts on “When Trouble’s Name is “Sister”

  1. Sounds like my kind of trouble. Never got there with my sisters our differences are so great its best just to admire them from afar. But, my aunt, (who I didn’t get to know until I was mid forties) and I sound just like you and your sister. And its great to have that much fun! Have a great visit!

    • I always say – we don’t choose the family we’re born into, I’m happy to have our relationship – one I would have scoffed at as impossible all those years ago. I dare anyone to show me a “normal” family. 🙂

  2. Beautiful post, this is what life is all about… It is so cool to hear about the ‘adventures’ you two enjoy now, after growing up not mixing so well. You are lucky and I also think it is the way things should be… My oldest sister & I are the same, fight all the way through teenage years, and then as grown ups, nothing is better than exploring life…and creating a little trouble along the way to make things interesting.

    Wonderful post, I had to read it again…the epitome of what family/friends and life are all about. Enjoy…and if bail is needed I’ll chip in what I can 🙂

    • My husband is an only child as well – I can’t begin to imagine what that was like.I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters – all of us born within 5 years.My older sister however is the only one I have a connection with – she’s hundreds of miles away yet we talk just about every night – it never grows old. The others I might speak to once or twice a year, one brother isn’t even talking to me (but that’s a long story).

      Ultimately, we don’t choose our family or have to be “friends” once we leave the nest.Not for lack of trying on my part, but at this stage of my life all I can think is that it’s their loss, and be content with the “trouble” big sister and I get into 🙂

      • There ARE good things about being an only child — but I have to admit to pondering the alternative. We are really close — the few of us that still survive. My wife is now the oldest member of our clan. A sobering thought for sure.

        But,, you’re right about the ‘choosing’ of family. And frankly, some friends are instantly closer than some family ever can be.

        Nice to have someone to get into mischief with. I had a few really good friends growing up and those will always be cherished memories!!!!!

  3. Wonderful. My sister and I are similar, and frequently speak in horrible British accents while out in public together. Your kind of trouble is the stuff the YaYa Sisterhood is made of.

  4. I just cant picture you as polite from your writings 🙂 must be in public. You are fortunate to reconnect with your sister, even though I am telling you something you already know. I have a younger Sister I get along with and a younger brother I haven’t spoken to in many years who only lives about 20 minutes from me. We just don’t like each other and neither is willing to change that fact so life just goes on.

    • Holy crap -not nice? I am the politest person ever! I spend my working days making people happy.

      I have strong opinions, that’s all:) I try to word them politely – sometimes ignorance makes me go bat shit – I’m only human:)

      I have one brother who isn’t speaking to me (he didn’t like my opinion) and another brother and sister I speak to once or twice a year.Their loss – big sister and I landed a relationship I never thought possible.

      We have no say as to what family we’re born in to. Once we leave the nest, life is ours to live. 🙂

  5. Luv it. Being an only brat I never had the pleasure. But it sounds lovely (now that peace has been made). Causing trouble IS a calling and it’s always a delight to see those who do it well. 🙂
    Being on my own my dad used to say I was an instigator. That’s kinda like ‘trouble’ but the trouble was always what I got someone else into.
    Then again there was the first time my dad met Peggy (after I had already proposed), when he told her “Life will never be boring with Peter around.” It’s a truism Peggy has repeated to me many a time…..

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