Note To Self

Tonight I find myself pondering impressions those who don’t know me might extract from some of my posts. To my dismay, it’s been brought to my attention that at times I come across as “preachy” or creeping far to close to “looking down my nose” . I find this notion extremely disturbing; this is not who I am, or how I wish to come across. As a result – not only in my defence, but as a reminder to myself – I’ve come up with this “Note To Self”.

* Ponder before you write, don’t write before you ponder.

*Another point of view is just as valid as yours.

*You’re not as smart as you think you are.

*Avoid the following….

* Stay calm and carry on.

* You’re a kind person with a big heart and open mind – don’t embarrass yourself.

6 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. I’ve been reading your posts for a bit of time now and I don’t have that impression of you at all. I think some people confuse forthrightness and honest educated opinions with snobbery. Rest assured they are mistaken. If you start second guessing yourself about how you’ll come across soon you’ll be pondering over whether to talk about this subject or that problem andf will only muddy your thoughts and ability to say things the way you see them. Nobody makes people read you. I read you because I find it refreshing and also have a warm spot in my hgeart for Canadians. Do what you do, not what others think you should do. >KB

    • Thanks. I needed that – it isn’t so much that I’m second guessing myself – more that people I highly respect have commented that at times I come across as “holier than thou”. I was gob smacked – personally I can assure you I’ll never say anything to please others. That said, it isn’t the worst idea at time to put yourself in check. One thing I never want to become is a person exhibiting all those qualities I so despise. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • If you dfon’t make mistakes you never know whjat your limitations are. But when you find out what your limits are, you’ve already gone beyond them. Yes it is good tyo pause before publishing but only for the right reasons. >KB

  2. Sorry Notes, Having read your posts diligently since April, i have not seen the preachy or looking down your nose attitude at all. These are, after all, your thoughts and opinions (ponders). To me they are both enlightening and entertaining, keep em coming with no holds barred.:)

  3. I clicked the “like” button because I think the advice you give yourself is good for anybody to ponder, not because I think you yourself come across to me as “preachy” or “looking down your nose.” Just keep calm and carry on.

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