Oh George

Call it luck, fate or karma; the name isn’t important. For the sake of argument, I’ll call it karma – karma as in “what goes around, comes around”, “you reap what you sow”, or a simple “karma’s a bitch”.

I don’t see our lives as a journey towards judgement day. I don’t believe in “pearly gates” or “gates of hell” – I see life as a brief opportunity, a nearly impossible set of circumstances allowing us to exist simply by being on the right planet at the right time. I happen to believe in physics, and with that belief comes my sense unimagined possibilities wait patiently for understanding. I can’t scientifically define my hunch; I am however certain there are scientific explanations for karma eventually kicking the ass of those who taunt her.

Take George Zimmerman; when acquitted of all charges in the murder of Trayvon Martin, it would be fair to say my foundation exploded with outrage. Zimmerman walked away – accepting his fate proved difficult – I wasn’t in the court room, my opinion was something I had to suck up and get over. Thank goodness for karma; that ever present force, waiting patiently in the corner for a chance to make things right. Karma surely had a hand in Zimmerman’s arrest today. Karma had to know – it was only a matter of time before this man exposed his true nature. People like Zimmerman can’t help themselves; if we’re lucky, a few of the jurors in his murder trial are thinking “holy crap, what have I done?”.

Don’t beat yourselves up second thought jurors, karma understands you did what you thought best. Zimmerman’s arrest today for aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief is his bad nature, not yours. Pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend during an argument, trying to barricade himself in the house by pushing furniture against the doors, previous run ins with police for speeding or alleged assault on his ex-wife – karma will eventually take Zimmerman down.

Bad people can’t help themselves; they can’t play charades for long. Karma eventually catches up with the George Zimmermans of this world. Karma laughs at plea bargains, hail marys and phoney acts of decency. Karma  has you pegged George, she’s watching with satisfaction as you implode. Oh George – did you really think you had us fooled?


8 thoughts on “Oh George

  1. Ha! I knew you would be posting on this! I agree with your point on jurors not second guessing…they followed the law and had no choice but to acquit.

    I’m disappointed that George hasn’t gotten help, he clearly needs it.

    And yes, Karma is a bitch…so everyone out there be good, damn it!

    • Yikes, it makes my head spin.For the life of me I don’t understand how America has ended up this crazy.I truly see no way it can back down, letting clearer heads prevail apparently infringes on the rights of wing nuts.

      I’ll take Canada – Rob Ford and all.:)

      • Yes, Canada-Rob Ford and all. Jon Stewart had a ball with this guy last night. the problems in the U.S. are deeply ingrained after years of work by the one percent to gain control. Not a day goes by that i don’t come in contact with a hard working individual that supports those that actually work against their personal interests. The iceberg is mighty but we can move it with concentrated effort. I feel we have slowed its drift to the right, now we must turn it around.

      • The iceberg has been drifting to the right for the last forty years. We have stopped the drift, had it not been for 9/11 the drift would have been stopped earlier. Seeing some senators pulling for an increase in social security is a good sign. We are turning this around, the drift is going leftward now. Take an aspirin and call me in the morning 😀

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