Nice Tail ISON

Comet ISON has been busy; now just visible to the naked eye, it sports a 16 million KM. tail. Science is scratching it’s head, the jury is out as to what ISON is up to. Something happened on Nov. 13/14, it might have been the nucleus fragmenting or maybe just sizzle and cosmic ice splutters as it approaches the sun.  On Nov. 21 ISON will be within the range of NASA’s STEREO HI-1A, astronomers fingers are crossed for views offering a little insight. Nov.28 will prove interesting – ISON’s tip will enter the sun’s atmosphere; many believe this will herald ISON’s demise.

Despite all the fizzle and fuss, most scientists believe ISON is still intact. Known as a “sun grazer” comet for it’s upcoming appointment with solar atmosphere, if ISON manages to survive, December skies will positively glow with ISON theatrics.

ISON photographed by Michael Jager on Nov. 17, Ebenwaldohe, Austria

The absolute best link to ISON’s timeline, courtesy NASA….

For those who can’t live without “real time” updates; spaceweather’s Real Time Comet Gallery….

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