Silent Night – A Perspective

It could be that Fukushima got me pondering, it could be this time of year makes me into a marshmallow, or it could be I’m simply tired of stupidity. Anyway I slice it – take two minutes to watch this video clip.

Holy Crap ISON – Some Of You Made It!

Last night I wrote that ISON was the little engine that could. Holy crap ISON – I thought I would have to eat my words today but you refuse to give up. ISON won’t live up to the billing of “comet of the century”, yet it seems at least some of the nucleus survived the sun’s atmosphere. Scientists don’t expect what’s left to be as bright as comet Lovejoy in 2011, that said – ISON is most likely going to be visible in the eastern skies come Dec. 2 0r 3rd. Good job ISON.