6 thoughts on “Why People Hate Atheists

    • I hear you – it’s some what convoluted – the point being people hate atheists because they view rejection of God as a personal attack. They are incapable of separating an atheists stance as anything other than an attack on themselves – they believe they know “God” because he mirrors their opinions. Doubting God equates to thumbing your nose at them. Obviously there’s a lot more to it but worth a ponder all the same 🙂

  1. Ponder, I dunno about this one.

    I’m a but put off when someone decides to tell me why someone ELSE does whatever they are doing. That approach strikes me as less about the purported topic and more about the proponent’s need to justify their own point of view.

    As a believer myself I for one don’t hate atheists. I wish people would stop telling me I do. I admit I do hate bigoted people and prejudiced people and scofflaws and arrogant ingrates… but atheists… no, not in the least — their gripe isn’t with me it’s with the Creator and that’s none of my business.

    I find it interesting that the title is why “people” and not why Christians, or churchgoers, or any other ‘group.’ I’ve never been good about picking titles because other people seem to pick better titles than I do, but the idea that ‘people’ without discrimination have an innate dislike for atheists sounds a bit over the top.

    I am struck by this approach in the same way I was struck years ago by the then newly found voice of the LGBT community who made it sound like the the whole world was set against them too. That rhetoric has faded ( at least in what I hear ) as more specific appeals have been adopted in preference to the shotgun “everyone’s out to get me” approach.

    I dunno… I’ll ponder it.
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    • Sometimes my “ponders” reflect my opinion and other times I post purely for the sake of pondering.Perhaps in those cases I should print a disclaimer so as not to be mistaken. What I’m saying is that I agree with you – this ponder was a “fishing expedition” – I was curious what responses it would receive.:)

  2. I don’t hate atheists. I simply think they are wrong. God is very much alive. It’s easy to say there is no god and go about your merry way. That way you have no obligations. Just because you don’t believe in one does not make it so. I can look around and see God everywhere. Humans are made with a niche that only God can fill. You can put everything else in it, but will always feel like something’s missing. I feel sorry for those that do not have God in their heart.

    • I respect your belief in God and appreciate how it makes you feel. For me – I look around and see wonder in every dusty little corner, I’m happy, at peace, and open minded to wonder.

      Years ago my family was on a deserted stretch of highway through the Navajo reservation in Arizona. We pulled off the road to watch a thunderstorm approach. Suddenly a man began to speak – we turned to find an elderly Navajo man,who continued to explain why mother earth had sent the storm. He talked about earth’s mother and father, talked about connections and reverence for nature slipping away. The storm held our gaze, his words struck our hearts – I had tears streaming down my face. We turned away from the storm to thank him – to let him know how much his words mattered – he was gone, as in vanished. We drove up and down that road looking for him without any luck. This man was not a messenger of God – this man worshiped his Gods – not the Christian God. Never before or since have I felt so “spiritual”. Just because a person doesn’t believe in your God doesn’t mean they’re “going about their merry way” Feeling sorry for my lack of God is a waste of time – my heart and mind are open and perfectly happy. That encounter at the side of a desolate highway changed my outlook on life – I have an obligation to respect our world and appreciate how it sustains humanity. Mankinds niches are filled with many things other than the Christian God.:)

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