Office Party Refresher Course

Reblogging my Christmas party ponder from last year is a bit lazy – believe me when I say “lazy” has nothing to do with it – more like exhaustion. I would like to add a few more suggestions.

How about tipping the bartender? Your bartender is probably working a 12 hour shift, forced to smile at your shenanigans till their face cracks, and certainly not going to find themselves at a Christmas party enjoying free drinks.

A baked Brie is not a pie. Don’t cut a slice bigger than your fist and ask for a fork. Holy crap – spread it on a cracker.

Please don’t mob the servers as they try to pass appetizers – there’s plenty of food to go around.

On that note – every time you double dip or put your pick or used napkin back on the platter – the server has to return to the kitchen, dump the sauce and get a clean platter – find some manners. Yikes.


My years in hospitality always peak at Christmas. Office party season; the “black Friday” for ballrooms, high end venues, caterers, and event planners. The spring and summer wedding spree pales in comparison. A wedding may take an exhaustive year to plan, follows an itinerary of speeches, dances and toasts. Most people know how to behave at a wedding. Restraint and manners apply to most gatherings. In fact the only function where common sense goes out the window seems to be the Christmas party.

Far from pondering human nature, reasons to “cut loose” on the company dime are clear. That said, I feel an obligation to offer an office party refresher course. In no particular order; some basic rules to consider…..

Dress appropriately, especially if you plan to “tie one on”. Do you really want to face co-workers on Monday morning as the “hot mess” who fell out of her dress.

Your company…

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3 thoughts on “Office Party Refresher Course

  1. I knew there was a reason I loved not working for companies big enough to host Christmas parties!!!! That said, the Forest Service is having a Holiday Party next week to which volunteers are invited. I’m sure it will be boring but hey… they’re serving turkey and I didn’t get enough on Thanksgiving Day.

    But somehow I am willing to bet there won’t be servers, or posh little bites. These people are rustic… and everyone knows that the U.S. Gov’t is broke (except politicians)

    Get some rest, Ponder. We need your inspiration to keep us slogging on down the path…

    A retired photographer looks at life from behind an RV steering wheel.
    Life Unscripted

    • The Forest Service party sounds fantastic, as in fun, relaxed, a place to meet interesting people.Office parties are interesting to say the least, but hardly ever anything but a showcase for best little black dress, brown nosing, and massive faux pas. We have clients like Microsoft, Sony, Lululemon – you get the picture – they spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on catering, decor and entertainment.I start 3 or 4 hours before guests arrive – the staff assemble stages,unload every last piece of equipment from our 1 ton trucks, set tables, chairs, build bars and food stations, decorate, then put on smiles for 4 – 6 hours while handling snooty executive assistants trying to impress their boss, and sweeping up broken wine glasses.Then we have to close the bar amidst pleas for “just one more”, clear the venue and spend the next 2 hours tearing down, cleaning and packing the truck.Next that truck has to be driven back to headquarters and unloaded – what do you know – it’s now 3 AM! Now I crash, get up and do it all over again.I’m on day 6 of 13 days in a row. Might explain the lack of ponders lately 🙂

      • Your schedule sounds like the life of a trucker — slight modifications of course, but a lot like it! And without the good food or booze. Or pretty wo/men.


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