I Don’t Know What To “Do”

Damn you White Stripes. On some level I realize how exhausting putting on fabulous Christmas parties day after day can be.My calendar tells me I’m on day 8 of 13 days in a row without a break. I know I have at least 12 hours tomorrow and won’t be home until 3 AM. For hours now I’ve attempted a ponder and all that’s happened is this White Stripes song looping in my brain. I give up – you win White Stripes, and I know what I’m going to do – pondering can wait, I’m off to bed.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What To “Do”

      • It’s interesting that you sent that article. On our way West we stopped off at Peg’s brother’s house in S. Lake Tahoe, and the day we arrived there we picked up our daughter at the Reno airport from whence she would travel with us for 2 weeks. The night before her flight we wanted to pre-position ourselves close to the area so we stayed at one of the RV parks that Amazon uses to house their people. At the end of September they were already almost completely booked with Amazon employees arriving for the two month push.

        On another train of thought — after my years of semi driving my family have taken to teasing me that I can sleep anywhere. I once left Milwaukee with a load of freezers for a grocery store — It thought I had like 40 hours, it turned out I read the papers wrong and I had like 20 hours. About 3 a.m. I had it figured out that I had 15 minutes to spare to get me there on my appointment. So I stopped the truck for 10 minutes along the road, fell asleep for a quick catnap and that was enough to get to to my destination. To this day when I am stressed my solution is always to lay down and sleep. When I lay down I forget about worry and just… well… fall asleep… and when I awaken I’m ready to do something about the reason I’m stressed. Sleep is even better for dealing with stress than sex cuz you get reenergized as well as spent.

        Only 4 more to go!

      • Albert Einstein used to sit at his desk with a ball or apple in his hand – he closed his eyes, when the ball fell to the ground he would wake up completely refreshed.

        Sex is useful when too stressed to sleep – it has a way of putting everything in perspective so your brain can rest a while 🙂

      • Afraid I generally need more sleep than that!!!!!

        Not sure I’ve ever found a time when I was too stressed to sleep. [which is not saying I have anything against sex 🙂 ]

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