Bill O’Reilly Says Christianity Is Not a Religion

Wowza – please watch this video clip. Bill O’Reilly says Christianity is a philosophy not a religion. O’Reilly actually argues that Christianity, being a philosophy is exempt from rules governing freedom of religion. O’Reilly’s point of view sat me on my ass; those of Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist – name any faith – follow a religion, while Christians believe in a philosophy.

Pondering this Fox News bombshell leads to several questions.  I would love to ask O’Reilly if  and when this “philosophy” will start paying taxes. If indeed a philosophy, why did he call David Silverman of American Atheists “insane” for then responding that Atheism was a philosophy. If a philosophy, how can it be the only true philosophy, and not be a religion. When did it become a philosophy – certainly not when the church burned philosophers at the stake.

Bill O’Reilly tends to blurt out ridiculous justification for his points of view; I know that and avoid his venomous propaganda. The problem is – millions of Fox viewers take his word as the gospel. For every person who scoffs at O’Reilly, there are two more taking it hook, line and sinker.

5 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Says Christianity Is Not a Religion

  1. A hallmark of American conservative ISM is, Make it up as you go along. If Bill O’Reilly is permitted to talk long enough, he will begin to contradict himself. Words have only temporary meaning. It is double speak of a very high order.

    • I agree – the trouble is how many people lap up his nonsense. I’ve been invited to the rapture provided I change my opinion of Obama, been told Obama is a Muslim because he “bowed” to an Arab leader, also that Obama is a Communist because of his stance on health care. My view on “choice” garnered comments that it was hoped someone I loved was murdered so I could understand abortion, with the closing salutation – go kill some babies! The Bill O’Reilly’s of this world fan a fundamentalist fire short on logic, long on knee jerk reaction. They hear rubbish on “news” channels and take it as truth. Holy crap 🙂

      • Holy crap is right. I have a feeling Bill O’Reilly and the rest of his ilk appeal to those who only understand extreme black and white issues as they drown in a world of grey. And, like any drowning man, get too close and they will pull you down too… My new philosophy is… Just hit them on the head with your oar. I refuse to have any more stupid arguments with people who redefine the English language To suit themselves… You can’t win against willful ignorance. Only in their world can a person be a Nazi, a communist and socialist all at the same time.

  2. Damn Christmas.
    While much of humanity dies of hunger and there escaces an underworld of false beliefs with blood stained hands that long ago surrendered to the devil in exchange for wealth and power, forming this scourge churches that encourage and bless the murders, flags, inquisitions, wars, armies and weapons by becoming unclean and disgusting as murderers, their mission is to destroy the goodness of the universe .. Of course they chose special days and commercially for many thousands of disguising themselves idols of saints were seized and sold the most sacred offending the only living God. This prostitution of truth has made today’s Christianity has deservedly earned the title of Babylon the Great, the mother of all Harlots.

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