Tell Qaramel

History teaches ancient hunter gatherers only began building settlements once farming and domesticated animals were part of the picture. Tell Qaramel, located in the north of modern day Syria, proves again how little we know. Baffling archaeological finds; Gobekli Tepe, Puma Punku, Varna, Derinkuyu, Piri Reis map, Catalhoyuk,Tell Qaramel – blowing conventional thinking out of the water, yet nary a splash.

Tell Qaramel was identified in the 70’s when a survey revealed mounds or “tells” at the site. The tell fit conventional thinking but surrounding area formed the basis of an archaeological head scratcher. Five round stone towers have been carbon dated to between 11,000 and 9650 BC, with no evidence of farming or domesticated animals. The towers at Qaramel pre-date the tower of Jericho by roughly 2000 years – until this discovery, the tower of Jericho was considered the oldest stone tower in the world.

I could ponder till my head hurt and still not come up with reasons why we ignore ancient history. Not so much ignore as omit; leave out references to historical evidence simply because we can’t explain or justify the finds within conventional thinking.

A joint Polish – Syrian investigation continues, professor Ryszard Mazurowski from Warsaw University, has led the dig since 1999. I can’t imagine what more it will take to snap us out of mainstream, textbook historical thinking – I do however have my fingers crossed that he finds something that finally makes history stand up and take notice – carbon dating seems to have little impact.

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4 thoughts on “Tell Qaramel

  1. The current thinking on Gobekli Tepe, which also might explain Tell Qaramel, is that it was ceremonial only: a temple, of sorts; a place to worship whatever.

    Whatever the case, we have to add thousands of years onto the concept of built civilisation.

  2. Very interesting, Notes. I suspect that in spite of our scientific progress, we haven’t evolved much beyond a society that needs a creation myth to record history and answer basic philosophical questions. In that we are as advanced as the Australian Aborigines and the Canadian Indian. I say that with a lot of respect.

    These creation myths are treasures of society and deserve our respect and care. But one day, hopefully, we can all embrace the new creation story that includes a Big Bang and evolution. Then, we can all get excited about 10’000 BC finds and not feel threatened.

    We’ll get there, I’m sure.

  3. Maybe we do such things just because ‘conventional thinking’ IS conventional thinking?

    So much of what history has to say we willingly choose to ignore because we who are alive are not it’s focus, as a species we are vain and spoiled and we thinketh the world revolveth aroundeth us-eth…..

    By the way, I’m glad I read the whole post because at first I was wondering who this person Qaramel was and what we were supposed to ‘tell’ them?

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