Excuse Me Sir, You Need To Check That Pipe Bomb

I’ve been known to ponder differences between Canadian and American culture;  I try to comprehend – at the very least gain a sympathetic mindset for opposing points of view. Our cultures dictate behaviour, actions based on accepted norms – our countries so alike yet worlds apart on certain issues. I stand my ground when gun legislation or civil rights surface; along the way learning to appreciate why Americans want a firearm under the bed. I get it – along the way cautioning myself to think before shooting my mouth off. There are two sides to any debate, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keeping my mouth shut, concentrating on similarities rather than stirring up divisive chit chat worked for a while. I’ve been so good it hurts – becoming a better person for it.

Today’s news broke my resolve – this is just too good, too Canadian to walk away from. On Sept.20, what appeared to be a pipe bomb in a piece of carry on luggage was removed from 18 year old Skylar Murphy at Edmonton International Airport. Initially the security screener returned the device to Murphy. Other security personal stepped in and confiscated the bomb, allowing Murphy to board his plane. The incident wasn’t reported to the RCMP for 4 days. Holy crap Canada. On Sept. 27, Murphy returned to Canada. He was arrested, charged with possession of illegal explosives, fined $100 and given a years probation.


Meanwhile, Canadians wanting to make a  short hop across the border for a weekend get-away – better not have condoms in their purses. A female university student from Vancouver was detained by U.S. customs 3 times over several weeks. The first detention undoubtedly explain the rest. Vermont border guards took exception to lingerie and condoms in her bag. Questioned for hours, missing her plane to Nashville, and unbeknownst – flagged. A few weeks later leaving Montreal, all it took was a scan of her passport to find her once again seated in a interrogation room. They wanted to know how much the man she was travelling with paid her. Her story which I’ll link below is worth reading – long story short – they let her go “this time” for telling the truth. Truth being the man she travelled with was married – and not to her. Following their Aruba vacation it was border guard time. Please read her story – she puts it more eloquently than I ever could. Lets just say, she was sent back to Aruba and told if she ever tried entering the U.S. again without an official waiver she would be banned for 5 years.


Moral of this ponder – Canadians loose their pipe bombs but aren’t arrested and given a $100 fine until after their pleasant vacations. Canadian girls packing condoms or undergarments other than granny panties had better be prepared to face moral justice – justice dished out by border guards with nothing better to do. Holy crap.

4 thoughts on “Excuse Me Sir, You Need To Check That Pipe Bomb

  1. Wow. Now the swings of mood/logic of US customs & immigration does not surprise me at all. I’d have to say, though, I would have never guess that things are at the other extreme in Canada. 🙂

    • Obviously this was an isolated incident – Canadian customs agents usually have a little more common sense. That said – it made me laugh – so painfully Canadian to politely try returning the device to its owner. FYI – the agent involved was “disciplined” and sent for further training. Another point of interest – Canadian border guards were only issued firearms a few years ago. If memory serves me – handguns became standard issue after a border guard was shot by a fugitive “running the border”. Now border agents, armoured car personnel police and the military have the privilege.,Security guards – no way.A citizen can belong to a gun club/range thus obtaining a permit to fire hand guns at the facility. A “permit to convey” is mandatory when taking the gun from home to the range – it must be transported in a locked metal box, and only to the destination named on the permit.Almost forgot – has to be kept locked in that box at home.Yikes – I’m rambling about guns again.

      Back on point – the condom story is not an isolated incident – crossing the border from Canada is getting weirder and weirder. But then – America is a place where law enforcement subjects innocent people to cavity searches and enemas, for no reason other than looking nervous. 🙂

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