Has This Happened To You?

Some time ago I wrote a post on Chinese ghost cities. Within half an hour the Chinese Daily Mail was following my blog – no big deal. A few months later Felix Baumgartner made headlines when he parachuted from the edge of space. I wrote a post titled “Sorry Felix, D.B. Cooper Has My Vote”, referring to Cooper’s 1971 hijacking. Cooper forced a landing in Seattle, collected $200,000, and parachuted into folk hero legend somewhere over the Cascade mountains. No trace ever found other than some marked ransom money along a river bank in 1980. Cooper has been on the FBI’s most wanted list since. Within half an hour of posting,  Yahoo alerted me to my hacked email. The message stated Langley, Virginia as the source, advising me to change passwords. The CIA is headquartered in Langley.

My daughter called me today – over the past few days she downloaded the Passionate Eye documentary on Putin and his Sochi Olympics. Next it was a documentary on Russian mobs, followed by a Google search on Sochi. Not long after her Sochi search Yahoo notified her of a breach in her e-mail. Intruders managed to gain access to her account – the source being Russia.

It’s possible coincidence met fat chance; strange things happen all the time. My gut tells me “chance” had nothing to do with it; odds of compromised e-mail accounts immediately after activity – however innocent – containing “flagged” or frowned upon interest, are miniscule to none.

Perhaps I’m over pondering, I tend to do that at times. Curiosity has the better of me – I need to know if I’m off my rocker, if this has happened to anyone else, and thoughts on these chance occurrences.

7 thoughts on “Has This Happened To You?

  1. Yep, not much privacy these days. The day before my visa to the DPRK was sent in & approved, for the first time I got all these hits from South Korea (which I never had before), and the sad thing is it did not surprise me at all… Kind of sad that we now can just expect such things to happen.

    There is no where to hide these days 🙂 Great post.

    • There truly isn’t any place to hide. The worst part is possible ramifications based on whims of “watchers”. Perfectly innocent queries, research or travel, subjected to paranoid scrutiny. Yikes 🙂

  2. Sadly, this is how ‘they’ work. In China there are thousands of unwelcome google search words that will get you thrown off the internet instantaneously, requiring you to reboot. “Tiananman Square”, which is the Times Square of Beijing and top 5 tourist site, will trigger your internet demise.

    Before the internet (yeah, I’m that old) a friend of mine was in import export. He never thought for a second that shipping spare parts for laser printers to Lybia was a problem (as well tyres, eggs and nails). We’re talking thimble sized components. The shipment was intercepted in Germany and the news reported that they were dangerous laser equipment for some huge canon that would wipe Israel of the earth. His business went bust and he kept getting insistant invitations from the Dutch ‘CIA’ for chats.

    I’m sure of one thing, that last paragraph will trigger an automatic yellow flag at the appropriate security agency. Since I have no criminal or terrorist activities tacked against my Genetics Fractals name, the yellow flag will be filed for later. All this in milliseconds.

    Like Louis said, Oh, what a wonderful world.

    PS, perhaps I should change my password more often!!!

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