“Babies Who Cry” – Shirtless Putin

I can’t decide if I’m being petty, stating the obvious or caught somewhere between disgust and holy crap. Regardless of my motivation; I’m powerless to leave this ponder alone. If this image doesn’t make you wonder, I don’t know what will.



You’ve just checked into your outrageously expensive hotel room in Sochi – hotels built to accommodate international travellers to the Olympics – what’s this? Not landscapes or abstract paintings on the wall; still life photo reproductions of a shirtless Putin – if you’re lucky, photo shopped riding wild animals. Putin straddles a bear above your bed.

Estimated cost of in your face Putin – 2 million dollars. His chest reported to adorn virtually every room in Sochi. In response to numerous complaints from visitors “grossed out” by his bare chest; Putin dismissed outrage, referring to them as “babies who cry”.

Holy crap Putin – what gives? If you want to join the Village People that’s one thing – we totally understand.  If you want to be taken seriously as the leader of a world power – put your damn shirt on.


9 thoughts on ““Babies Who Cry” – Shirtless Putin

    • Clearly a satirists take on a disturbing reality. If not disturbing (I don’t disturb easily) most certainly absurdly inappropriate behaviour by a man who cares little for propriety. Or “babies who cry” for that matter. Yikes 🙂

    • I’m not sure if I made myself clear. Andy Borowitz is a satirist who MAKES THINGS UP, as you will see by checking the menu to which I link above. Vladimir Putin is capable of wretched excess, which is what makes Borowitz’s joke plausible, but it is no more than a joke. I do not believe that Putin had shirtless pictures of himself put in all the Sochi hotel rooms, or called critics “babies who cry”, any more than I would believe a piece in The Onion.

      Good joke, though. If I didn’t know who Andy Borowitz was, I would have believed her was serious.

  1. Putin is hilarious… There is a good article about how he (and government in general) wanted to go to the opposite extremes of how Russia was portrayed by the previous face of Russia ~ Yeltsin (fat/lazy/alcoholic). So they went to the opposite extreme. Bizarro land.

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