Electromagnetic Disruption Defense

I owe this ponder to http://violetwisp.wordpress.com/ for kindly alerting me to the effect of solar activity on our brain. Decades spent living in a rain forest left little doubt as to earthly weather’s impact on mood – SAD (seasonal affective disorder) a recognized affliction during gloomy west coast winter has doctors recommending sun lamps along with anti-depressants. It hadn’t occurred to me space weather played a part in mood.

The Pineal Gland in our brain reacts to electromagnetic charges. Solar flares and resulting CME’s (coronal mass ejections) are bursts of magnetically charged plasma hurled into space at mind boggling speeds. Our magnetosphere protects us from radiation, most of us blissfully unaware of geomagnetic storms, disrupted radio waves or power fluctuations. Poor pineal gland can’t do the same – highly sensitive to electromagnetic energy, it goes into overdrive producing excess Melatonin. Melatonin is a natural sleep inducing substance, our “circadian rhythm” goes haywire and grumpy, irritated, moody, depressed or anxiety ridden people emerge.


My interest in space weather has led to more than a few rolled eyes and jokes about tin foil hats. I’m not bothered by snickers, more frustrated and annoyed at those who ignore the power of the cosmos. I’m waiting for those same people to use “electromagnetic disruption” as a defense for bad behaviour.

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