It Could Have Been Worse

Rob Ford had the good sense or perhaps lack of to realize Jimmy Kimmel thinks he’s a donkey’s ass. If Ford tried to play it straight – attempt some feeble ruse promoting Toronto tourism – it would have embarrassed my poor nation to the core. I doubt it was a conscious decision, the man lacks boundaries most of us wouldn’t dream of crossing.

It could have been worse; I was relieved he behaved as expected, allowing Kimmel to mock his antics rather than pretend we were all mistaken. The man simply doesn’t care; by all appearances Ford is having the time of his life, milking his notoriety for all it’s worth.

I’m tired of Rob Ford. Anticipation of his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel replaced by impatience for him to go away. The joke isn’t funny anymore – we’ve all had a laugh, give it a rest. Canada is weary of snickers and guffaws, we’re over misplaced satisfaction gleaned from snippets of comedic mockery. Shame on me and any other Canadian who’s allowed an elected official to get away with utter nonsense.

Watch the Ford video and tell me if any of you believe this man deserves the benefit of the doubt – smarten up Canada.