Aurora Cam

I just found the greatest thing, smiling from ear to ear all I can think about is sharing Aurora Cam. This link takes you to a site with further links to aurora cams set up around the world. In real time, or in the case of the cam at Yellowknife, NWT which I’m currently glued to – updated every 20 seconds – watch northern lights as they happen around the world. Don’t expect a planetarium laser show every time – just sit back, get comfy and let aurora cast her spell.

Each cam will tell you if geomagnetic action is taking place. To get the most out of this without losing interest – keep an eye on the site is updated every 10 minutes and gives advance warning of solar impacts as well as estimated intensity and scope. When spaceweather indicates solar storms in progress – high tail it over to Aurora Cam.

4 thoughts on “Aurora Cam

      • Not much to say. Money has been earmarked for a mission sometime in the 20’s. It’s on the tracks, but staying on those tracks requires continued political will, unfortunately. On the positive side, with China reaching out into the solar system the US might just get behind this and see it through. Personally i think it should be a “human” endeavour with all nations contributing $$$’s.

      • I agree but unfortunately “human” endeavours take a back seat to mineral rights, weapons and surveillance.The United Nations space treaty isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Still, I’ll cross my fingers we’re able to get our shit together 🙂

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