Another Perspective


“Curious” is the only way to describe polarized opinions of the universe. Try as I might, ability to convey my  belief the universe can be welcomed without discussion of God, often elude, baffle and exasperate. I feel sorry for those choosing to grind away at life, blinders firmly in place as silly rhetoric robs them of wonder. Constant encounters with people blithering over “God’s” magnificence, reciting the “party line” as their field of vision narrows. I can’t put this any way other than calm assurance – I don’t give a rat’s ass what you believe, look at the damn sky! Snap out of it, understand it doesn’t make a lick of difference who or what made it – is it too much to ask you pay attention?

Indifference void of religious cataracts make even less sense. Patience becomes a rare commodity as eyes glaze over, insincere “how interesting” or lame alien jokes illustrate your lack of imagination. Look at the damn sky!

Having a favorite star, knowing exact distances between earth and the moon or sun, checking space weather reports, watching aurora cams, geomagnetic storm activity, solar winds or potentially hazardous asteroids doesn’t make me paranoid, flakey or crazy. Knowing star formations, planetary alignments and lunar cycles isn’t guaranteed membership in the “crystal worshippers club”. Interest in Keppler, Hubble, Cassini, or Voyager space probes, phone apps Google Sky and Solar Dynamics Observatory with “real time” images at my fingertips hardly justify your snickers.

Human nature dictates longing for explanation – answers put our minds at ease. For those so inclined, God becomes a fall back position, “his” wonder negating any need for further reflection. To be honest, those void of conviction, unwilling to tear themselves away from all too important little lives are the ones who confound; stay the course religious constraints considerably more understandable than indifferent, self absorbed tweeters.

This evening a fat old light bulb flickered – long enough to glean a moment of comprehension, bright enough to illuminate reflection. It dawned on me; wonder wasn’t something to shove down throats, expecting others to share my views – ridiculous as religious fundamentalists asking me to climb on board. Expectations for socially wired twenty somethings to see the world as I do or comprehend life without all consuming devices, nothing more than a sign middle age is laughing.

Undaunted by sobering light bulbs, human nature prevailed – my approach is all wrong – baby steps might be the answer. To be honest it doesn’t matter, won’t alter my course or change my ways if others can’t name the stars in constellation Orion. This isn’t about swaying the masses, isn’t directed at the majority of my open minded followers or intended as anything other than the “baby step” angle stuck in my head.

Over the next few days I’m going to attempt a politely restrained road trip away from planet earth. Tonight’s video, barely outside the upper atmosphere, captures lightning and auroras from the orbiting space station. If nothing else, it cements the concept of our”magnetosphere” –  the starting point of space weather repercussions – a baby step into the cosmos.

16 thoughts on “Another Perspective

  1. Your writing is spectacular,  Notes. I’m very much in a skywards mode/mood and shall join you. 

    I don’t believe that I have recollection of moments of more awesome amazement than sitting on a remote beach getting lost in a huge starry night. 

    If there is one thing I’m convinced of than it is that “experiencing reality” beats all thought,  religion or philosophy. Look at the damn sky indeed!

  2. On a train trip across Canada some years ago I spent hours in the dome gazing at amazing aurora. Finally craving sleep, I passed through a club car of oblivious poker players. “Look at the aurora!” “Yeah. You get used to it.” I don’t think so.

  3. The gift of wonder/amazement isn’t all that common. It’s rarity makes it all the more frustrating; not only to see that to which others seem inured, but moreover to be unable to understand why they are not as gobsmacked as oneself. Some joys simply cannot be shared.
    A retired photographer looks at life from behind an RV steering wheel.
    Life Unscripted

      • I’ve pondered about this for the past few days – as silly or obvious as this might sound (as in “no shit Sherlock”) for the first time glimmers of understanding have taken root regarding religious devotion.

        All of us find “wonder” in some place or other – wanting to share those feelings is only natural. As crystal clear as this may be, taking action, speaking against, or casting wide generalizations – kinda takes the punch out of “wonder”. Hmm? Still pondering…..

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