I’ve have Starlings on my mind. It began a few days ago when I chanced upon a poem at – “When Starlings Fall” transported me to childhood dusks – those precious moments between day and the darkness responsible for “bedtime”. Longing for thunder cloud lullabies, straining to catch the slightest breeze – trading last breaths of evening for resignation of summer bedroom hell. This is when they came; thousands of Starlings able to dance in unison – not a puff of wind as thousands of flapping wings defied possibility.

Yesterday, out of nowhere a friend mentioned this video. I hadn’t pondered, let alone thought about Starlings in decades. Not one to mess with the cosmos – take a moment to watch and wonder.

8 thoughts on “Murmuration

  1. Okay, that’s pretty impressive. I thought to begin with it was going to be like all the starling footage I’ve seen (which I love anyway) but then it just became even weirder. There was definitely a dark spirit dancer involved.

    • It’s funny when you think about it – mankind in all it’s “king of the castle” glory, devotes evolution’s gift to pointless pursuit of “answers”. All of which boil down to oppression under religious poppycock, squabbles over resources, misguided decisions, division of wealth settled and controlled by a mighty few and rigid ignorance. Meanwhile “nature” quietly chugs along.

  2. Ezra Pound and John Updike write “scarf of birds”…think I saw it first in Pound, and never forgot the image. How generous of you to mention “When Starlings Fall.” Thank you. The video is truly memorable!!

  3. Oh WoW! Massive memories of times past. My aunt had 2 1/2 acres outside of the city near a lake where starlings visited… and those waves of birds were such a normal part of life while visiting….

    Thank you so much for a lovely trip down memory lane with too many detours to even attempt a shared story. You made my Saturday morning!


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