Pondering AquaBounty

Pondering AquaBounty comes with a preface – one that admits I’m no expert, acknowledges dismissing immediate research was a conscious decision, and making it clear this is a knee jerk reaction. That said – AquaBounty makes me nervous.

AquaBounty Technologies, a Massachusetts bio-tech company believes genetically modified Salmon should grace our tables. Last year Canada gave AquaBounty  green light blessings to farm Atlantic Salmon in Prince Edward Island. Foot in the door, AquaBounty applied for approval to produce and sell genetically altered Salmon in the Americas. Under federal regulations, details of their application is not public record. What little is known came out of a shareholders report last week – revealed were plans to “start” the Chinook Salmon based eggs at their hatchery in PEI, ship them to Panama, maturing at twice the rate of their sea going cousins.

So why are my nerves twitching?  AquaBounty has no intention, nor would they be compelled under federal legislation to identify their genetically altered Salmon. If it were a clear cut case of rainbows and lollipops – why bother shipping eggs to Panama? What assurances or control would Canada have over farming practices in Panama? Would they simply issue apologetic press releases titled “Oops, sorry” if a mishap introduced these fish into the wild? Should the public swallow – hook, line, and sinker – closed door, back room deals without question? Is there validity to claims modified Salmon amplifies allergic reaction in those with seafood sensitivity?

GMOs skepticism spreads faster than snippets of sordid rumour – if they actually solved the world’s problems – why all the brick walls, non disclosure, and corporate delivered pacifiers? I have an open mind – explain it to me. Convince me money doesn’t trump all else. Knowing employees at Monsanto headquarters refuse any food made from genetically modified food sources be served in their cafeteria doesn’t help much.( See link below )


Link to CBC story on AquaBounty application….


U.S. company applies to sell genetically modified salmon in Canada

A Massachusetts-based firm has applied to become the first seller of GM salmon in Canada.

Photograph by: Jenelle Schneider , PNG

11 thoughts on “Pondering AquaBounty

  1. Reminds me of microwave argument. Yes, they’re safe. Until we learn that they’re not if you stand in front of them a lot. Or heat food in plastic in them. There’s always a catch–and in this case, it’s not a fresh one . . .

    • When I left my small town in the late 70s, my Dad let me take our old family television. I don’t recall how the subject came up but a year or so later my dentist and I were talking about old tvs. My dentist gave me a piece of xray film and said I should tape it to the front corner with something like a paper clip attached – sure enough, the next day we had a perfect paper clip x-ray. Holy crap!

      As your comment so perfectly points out – we simply don’t know . Thanks for the follow 🙂

  2. Ugh, I love my salmon and pretty picky about it (wild, Alaskan frozen sockeye my salmon of choice), and I am already very nervous about farmed salmon out of Europe. This is even more worrisome. Guess it is time to breakout the ole fishing pole again…

  3. I wonder how Aquabounty would be received here in OR. The DNR gets so involved in everything aquatic it seems. But of course, once introduced there’s no way to stop Momma Nature from doing her thing…. UGH! Something else to ponder….

    • In Canada grocers have to identify farmed salmon however anything GMO is allowed to happily sell without clarification. This story rings far too many warning bells – at some point our world might have to rely on science lab food supplies, that I get. What makes me bristle is the notion of greedy profit driven bio-tech snake oil salesmen pulling the wool over our eyes.

      • I fear that before the world is relying on science food labs that other more crucial systems will fall apart. Have you seen the new NASA study on the ‘decline’ of civilization. I think it was published quite recently.

        🙂 😦


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