Towel and Apple Clarify Big Bang

By now many people have caught wind of this weeks announcement, scientific confirmation of the inflationary universe theory. Images of “primordial gravitational waves” captured by the BICEP2 project – an experiment headed by Professor Andrei Dmitriyevich Linde,  give unprecedented proof our universe is expanding.

Talk of expanding universe theory sends most people running from the room – I get it, it’s hard to understand. Never fear, I’m about to make it clear. Spend two minutes watching this video – without question the best two minute lesson around.

Bonus points awarded for anyone who links below to another video of Professor Linde being surprised by a colleague with the news.

4 thoughts on “Towel and Apple Clarify Big Bang

  1. This discovery has been one of the most fascinating pieces of news I can remember…so much fun to be a part of it (if even on the far periphery). In a way, things are not all the complicated or complex (even though after billions of years, things have gotten quite complex). Cheers!

  2. So….it was the god, God who made inflation and not the unions or economists. Got it in one.
    Does this now prove that all dinosaurs were vegetarian as well? 😉

    Just asking…

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