Magnetic Crochet

This is what happens when a solar eruption hurls energy our way at 11 million mph. Sunspot AR2017 erupted on March 29 with a healthy X-1 class flare – UV radiation ionized our upper atmosphere, resulting in a “ripple” in Earth’s magnetosphere. Known as a “magnetic crochet”, the disturbance occurred as AR2017 strutted her stuff –  geo-magnetic hiccups usually come knocking a few days after a flare – simultaneous “events” are rare.

For a short time radio signals were lost as static assaulted short wave operators.

Courtesy NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory – a video of AR2017 in action….

AR2017 appears to have gotten it off her chest – simmering down with only a 55% chance of M and 20% chance of powerful X class activity in the next 24 hours. Dodging yet another cosmic EMP unscathed.

Scientists at Berkley have just released findings of a global “near miss” on July 23, 2012. A series of immense solar flares unleashed enough energy to rival the Carrington Event of 1859. Had the storm erupted 9 days earlier, our planet would have been in the cross hairs – global power grid failures, trillions of dollars in economic repercussions with an estimate of 4 – 10 years to recover.



4 thoughts on “Magnetic Crochet

  1. This particular armageddon doesn’t seem to come up on the doom radar very often. But it should. It is far more likely than any other, and the lesson of 1859, when induced current sparked telegraph lines, unmissable.

    • The Carrington Event is responsible for my space weather obsession. I don’t fret or lie awake at night dreading solar calamity – I do understand the consequences of a direct hit to a sun facing earth. Granted, probability rests with a “perfect storm” of factors

      Most people I talk to shrug it off. I doubt the reality sinks in – no cell phone, internet, banking, water or gas (pumps being electric) Forget heat, lights, food distribution, travel – all the things taken for granted. Now imagine that for weeks, months possibly years.Asking people to at least give it some thought strikes me as practical.

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