Blood Moon and Doom

Tuesday April 15 will bring a total lunar eclipse starting at 3:06 am EDT. It also happens to be the first in a rare series of four total lunar eclipses known as a Tetrad. October 8 2014, April 4 2015 and September 28 2015 complete the set. These dates happen to correspond with Jewish holidays of Passover and Sukkoth – they also bear the distinction of “blood moon” – so called because light from the sun “bends” in the atmosphere often casting a reddish or coppery glow on the eclipsing moon.

Vigilant Christian “end timers” go bat shit over astronomical happenings. These are the moments they live for – convoluted windows of cosmic justification proving once and for all they had it right. Logical scientific fact, nothing more than irrelevant poppycock when weighed against a biblical “blood moon”.

The Sun shall be turned into darkness, and the Moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come. – Joel 2:31, quoted in Acts 2:20

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and lo, there was a great earthquake, and the Sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the Moon became as blood. – Revelation 6:12

Jay Ryan is a home-schooling father from Cleveland Ohio who writes a “Christian Astronomy” newsletter for Christian home school families. A quick peak at his site and search of the term “blood moon” led to the “Blood Moon Prophecy” website.

Not to be accused of giving anything away for free, I skimmed over pages of “thought provoking” questions aimed at thinning Christian wallets in exchange for definitive answers. Good Christians were asked not to be discouraged by the “end times” bust of December 21, 2012 – counseling the faithful not to overlook blood moon prophecies apparent apathy, a syndrome the author hypothesized as collective embarrassment over previous doom prophecy gong shows.

According to the author – lunar eclipses (blood moons) are signs from God to judge the nation of Israel. Previous Tetrads used as historical proof were – 1492, Jews expelled from Spain – 1948, creation of the state of Israel – 1967, the six day war between Israel and Egypt. The reader was reminded that God has a plan – the deliberate refusal of political and religious leaders to not pay attention to prophetic scriptures – actions destined to bite mankind in the ass.

Not related in any way to blood moon prophecy yet lurking around every corner was the recurring theme I found disturbing. Judgement day jibber jabber is one thing -hardly a topic to knot my socks – though I worry about those home schooled kids, lamenting another generation of misinformed individuals. The eye opener beneath all the hot air prophecy prickling was an hysterical level of anti Muslim sentiment. I go out of my way to avoid these kind of pages, honestly never having the inclination click on one before. Suddenly it became crystal clear why fundamentalist bull horns equate Obama with Islam – a holy crap moment best left for another post.

Deborah Byrd at wrote a great article on Tuesday’s Blood Moon and the Tetrad of lunar eclipses. Linked below and worth a read. Mark Tuesday on your calendars and try to ponder the blood moon of doom.


Lunar eclipse coming this weekA lunar eclipse is framed in a church’s steeple cross just west of Ottawa on Feb. 20, 2008. (Sean Kilpatrick/THE CANADIAN PRESS)



12 thoughts on “Blood Moon and Doom

  1. I’ve got a good view of the perfectly circular dire warning right now. Are you going to watch the eclipse? I watched one many years ago and was seriously underwhelmed.

  2. Two favorite terms or expressions “bat-shit’ and ‘Jibber-jabber’.
    True that feeling for the ‘home-schooled’. While some might be ‘healthy’ –
    The pearl of the worlds oyster is to live – even through the irritating stuff.

    Popped over from the reblog via The Mirror Obscura.

      • I try to be a positive person. Some of the doomsday stuff is just so humorous – It’s like (not to offend) those ‘news papers” at the grocery check out lanes – that like to distort the facts just to sell sensationalism.

        Fire and brimstone tactics ought to be banned. Cheers.

      • I’ve never thought of it that way but you’re bang on – fire and brimstone is like sleazy checkout magazine headlines.I’ve been invited to “the rapture” provided I change my opinion of Obama and explained till I’m blue in the face that “God” doesn’t pull cosmic strings. I shrug it off as nonsense yet it never ceases to drop my jaw to the floor 🙂

      • As my hubby says; Common sense is two things, 1) it ain’t common and 2) it’s and oxymoron.

        I’ve never been extremely political. Extremists of any kind are just wired too tight. Jaw droppers for sure. I don’t like it when folks tell me there is only one way – theirs. I think historical documents need to be taken in context. Application of any rule should be allowed to be questioned and altered. Peace will only come with acceptance and respect of differences. …Sorry for the soap box stance.

        Thanks for brightening my morning.

      • It took too long for me to learn to say the magic word ‘No’ – sometimes followed by (but not always) Thank you.

        I often get into trouble for speaking what’s on my mind. Mostly because it doesn’t mesh with the majority. Glad to find a like mind. I’m going to have to bookmark your place 🙂 (I think I might have already – it’s just tough to follow everybody in this blog o’sphere.)

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