Bovine Militia

The other night I wrote about understanding America, professing a maturity capable of calmly accepting dead end logic. Sensitive to perceptions of preachy over reactive rants,  my resolve stood firm for almost 48 hours before withering in the face of bat shit crazy shenanigans.

America is not well. What’s more – the diagnosis is further complicated by America’s affliction – an all encompassing mental illness akin to paranoid schizophrenia. Insidious delusions of patriotism morph into outrageous displays of anti-government chest beating – oblivious “patriots” certain it’s for the good of the nation.

Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy has spent the last few decades squabbling with the Federal government. In dispute is cattle grazing on Federal land – Bundy claims his family’s cattle have grazed there since the 1860s, the government wants a million dollars in restitution for land use taxes. Last Saturday a judge ruled if fees went unpaid, Bundy’s cattle could be seized. When officers showed up and started removing cattle – the stand off began.

Armed supporters flocked to Bundy’s side – Jim Lordy, a self proclaimed “militia” member from Montana said he and other militia were not afraid to shoot if necessary, they had guns to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. The siege ended on Saturday following a government decision to back down, fearing an escalation and probable violence. Bundy, a Mormon father of 14 claimed victory…..

The people and citizens of America will win this fight. We have God on our side and we will be better prepared for them next time.’ – Cliven Bundy.

Long after the official retreat, supporters dressed in camouflage patrolled the area with semi-automatic weapons brazenly displayed. Insisting government drones lurked above, vowing to prepare themselves for the next battle. Supporters displayed placards – “Putin took Ukraine. Obama couldn’t be outdone so he took Nevada” . Another claimed anyone born after 1980 could have a chip implanted in them by the U.S. government.

My apologies America – you’ve taken leave of your senses. How is it that you’re blind to this disease? America erodes faster than chalk on a sidewalk and still you manage to look away. Armed militia with anti-government mandates will bite you in the ass. I beg you – snap out of it before civil war destroys what’s left of your precious nation. Surely some of you are in control of your faculties.

An armed civilian waits nearby in some bushes




5 thoughts on “Bovine Militia

  1. There has to be something seriously wrong about their legal system, that the person whose cattle have been grazing on federal land presumably as has been traditional is to be taxed after the fact. It is ridiculous, that gun toting maniacs appear as local Robin Hoods to defend the poor cattle owner and then, and only then, the judical system yeilds to a compromise.

    Here in Finland we have raindeer owners whose “cattle” graze on federal land, but nobody would even dream of taxing them. The land is not providing anything else, so why not support the enterpeneur? Of course here we are also talking about the rights of indigenous population to their traditional livelyhood, but in reality that livelyhood has changed radically into much more modern industry over time.

    What has poor Obama to do whith this individual legal case? Is Nevada not politically now in the hands of Republicans?

    But if law is to be dictated by who carries a bigger gun and is more eager to use violence, then law has become null and void.

    • Precisely! These self proclaimed patriot militiamen are stock piling weapons and digging in for round two. Waving American flags and vowing to protect individual rights.

      There is no law if citizens can arm themselves to the teeth and do whatever they please. I can’t even begin to comprehend this situation taking place in Canada.It plays out like a bad movie rather than reality.

      I agree with you that grazing on land that isn’t being used for any other purpose makes sense. That said, the law is the law – let that slip away and what are you left with? America is turning into a scary place.

      As for Obama – history will look back on his presidency as the “mistake” America made that lead to its demise. Not as in electing him, but for resisting his attempts to salvage the country. I find it depressing.

  2. They’re idiots yet I can’t help but have a begrudging respect for someone standing up, all out, to the bloodless, indifferent government.

    We Canadians complain until we fall asleep and then take it…again.

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