A Gentle Reminder

I posted this video last year . Putting it up again is for my benefit above anything else. A gentle reminder that blowing off steam is one thing – being a schmuck about it is another. Passing judgement, pointing fingers, unleashing venomous rants – make us no better than those in our cross hairs. Loosing my mind over bat shit nonsense may come from a place of decent intent yet come across as a deprecating sermon.

Mud slinging serves no purpose – becoming a better person might be the answer. Pondering middle ground – a place to retreat, regroup and move forward – strikes me as constructive. It’s so easy to puff ourselves up with ideologic hot hair – gentle reminders are often all it takes to reset our focus.

8 thoughts on “A Gentle Reminder

  1. I had the same reflection when I blew off some steam about politics on my blogs…
    I promised myself not to do it again.
    But again, keeping it to ourselves is also not a good thing.
    We have to accept the facts that there are things we can’t change namely politicians.
    But if we decide to change our mind and blow some more steam,,, then let it be…

    • I wrote a post about the Tea Party the other day. It followed a few “holy crap America” themed entries. I thought about it tonight and came up with the conclusion I tend to be a wind bag at times. I try to behave myself but can’t help being who I am.As more and more ding bats come out of the woodwork I throw tantrums and become increasingly impatient.One thing for certain – I would be a lousy diplomat 🙂

      • I concur… about being a lousy diplomat.
        I have to admit I could not read the whole Tea Party post…
        I know all about them.
        I have to keep my blood pressure lower.

  2. Ah..you haven’t discovered the heady bouquet of the uplifting phrase,’Dickhead’ and leveling it those intransigent , naughty Jesus Sunbeams & Mohammed Moo-moos.

    Ooops, I forgot, I am not allowed to call the evangelical, proselytizing fire an’ brimstone WLC cloned, taliban, c4 jihading god-botherers, ”dickhead” any longer. I promised Violetwisp. Sigh…..she is such a spoilsport. 😉

    • Violetwisp is lovely – you damn well behave yourself around her! As for the pleasure of “dickhead” – I covet the sweet bouquet of dick labels and it feels good.I’m a very nice person who poops common sense and the dickhead dark side are eating my brains. Gentle reminder is a last ditch attempt to remain “polite”. My guess is I won’t last a week. Argh 🙂

      • One day at a time Notes…
        Try walking and breathing a little fresh air, but watch where you’re going… You know you are prone to fallng and hurting yourself.

      • My husband calls it the “two second monitor” as in my lack of.Just slow down, hold your tongue for a second or two until reason catches up to reaction. Sigh. 🙂

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