Cages of the Mind

Everyone should ponder this post.

The Poetry of Pie

Trapped, surrounded, the walls close in.
Suffocating, unable to move, I struggle for my next breath.

Then I remember. I built this cage. It is made of uncertainty, guilt, and fear.  I built it, I can tear it down. It’s a struggle but I manage.

Yet the walls are still too near. I’m in a different cage now, a larger but equally uncomfortable one.  Society built this cage, with its unrealistic expectations and demands for conformity.

It takes me decades, but I break through this barrier as well.  Turns out it was a flimsy veil that needed only a slight nudge to fall away completely.

I feel emboldened now, having overcome each obstacle that threatened my progress.  I come to see that all the world’s a stage adorned with many actors like myself, each on their personal voyage.

Yet a final cage awaits all of us, one from which only a few…

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5 thoughts on “Cages of the Mind

  1. Where did you run into him. I loved his piece and am now following him. I want to see if he can sustain the creativity. I read ome of his other pieces and they are kind of built around similar things, which is fine, but I can only take so much trippy stuff before my brain explodes. There’s already enough going on in there to begin with. But thanks foir the turn on. >KB

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