Bush Comment

I wrote this in response to a comment received yesterday on my post “Bush League Ponder”.


You and I will never see eye to eye on Obama. You state the only “proof” available to you regarding his idiocy and destruction of America is what news media tells you. The only way I can describe my reaction to this is sadness and depression. I respect the right of any individual to follow their conviction – all I ask is these conclusions be reached independently – the result of thoughtful and individual weighing of the facts.

You couldn’t be bothered to read this post yet used it as an opportunity to remind me of your intention to “vote against every single Democrat I can” provided “Obama and his minions haven’t taken away our right to vote”.

I could remind you – the people voted, they elected Obama not once but twice. Democracy works this way – the people decide, a majority wins. It may be futile to ask you this but my ever optimistic curiosity can’t help itself. Are you angry with Obama or destined to be angry with any duly elected official deemed “un-American” by poor losers masquerading as legitimate, honest news media?

There are two sides to every story. I beg you to resist temptation of covering your ears and chanting “La,La,La ” when your mind collides with my next statement. I’ll be brief, hopefully delivering my message as painlessly as possible. Brace yourself, be brave and stay with me for the sake of your country….

The post you had to comment on but couldn’t be bothered to read described a new exhibit at the George W. Bush Library. An interactive installation where visitors pretended to make decisions as Bush – in particular his response to Hurricane Katrina. The primary “decision point” being “how to restore order”. (Geez – who knew Negroes would get a little uppity if left to stew for 3 or 4 days under lakes of brackish water without food, water, or hint the government gave a damn) Yep – a plethora of Bushganda, ( a play on propaganda not Uganda in case I confused you) a mecca for those clinging to “King George”, the last great American. On the off chance you’re still with me – the exhibit doesn’t allow for any scenarios or decisions not taken by Bush.

Being you’re adamant about gleaning facts from news media – I remind you, Rachel Maddox is a card carrying member of that club.

I have no illusions this response will scratch your “I loath Obama” armor or shed light on your part in undermining democracy in America. Your “news media” must have wet their delighted pants when Barrack Obama dared a middle name like Hussein. You’ve told me in the past he is a Muslim, hates God and is selling America to Islam.

Not that it will make a lick of difference, I’m going to sleep a whole lot better after saying this….

Bat shit nonsense, iron clad protestations and robotic lack of self determination will destroy America. We don’t have to agree. Diversity is something to cherish and learn from – I have nothing but respect for those who take the time to weigh both sides of any debate before making their point intelligently. On the other hand – those who can’t be bothered to look at both sides, those preferring to bully, pout and point fingers – frankly, it just makes you look silly.



19 thoughts on “Bush Comment

    • I always feel “dirty” after one of these posts when I think it’s going to make me feel better.I understand the pursuit is pointless – honestly wanting to remain polite and respectful. That said, I’m only human – chiming in with “I can’t be bothered to ponder your efforts but think you’re an idiot” There are limits 🙂

      • It’s hard not to react.
        I know!

        I think the guy is just happy with the reaction you had.

        I know how these people work.
        Trust me… I know.
        I will always be at your side… on your left side.

      • I’m hopeless because the person who commented (a woman) is interesting, engaged and reasonable on any subject other than politics or religion. I like her one moment, the next my jaw dangles in horror and I’m gripped with the “jungle fever” behind my rants. I hate it!

      • This is not what I wrote first…

        Your reaction comes because you care about what is going on in this crazy world.

        This is why I like your blog so much.

        Religion, politics, and also sports must be avoided at all costs on a blog unless you relish fighting it out with words with other people who don’t have the same vision of the world.

        Like watching Don Cherry.

        If you’re a fan of his, then I will start wondering about you a little.

        What does she see in Don Cherry?

        Not that the guy is a complete…
        but let’s say that he is a little controversial from time to time, and I am not talking about his car seat cover jacket (the joke is not mine).

        I hope I put a little smile on your face this Saturday morning.

        Go Habs Go!

      • Years ago when I ran back stage and catering at GM Place I won a full size Don Cherry punching bag.:) Go Habs indeed – when was the last time you could say that with conviction?

        I think Don morphed into Cherry because Canadians are too polite to point out the obvious. Sigh.

        As for your taboo topics – I know you’re right. I try to be good, I know no good will come of my daring to dabble – ultimately I blame my brain damage for lack of impulse control. I do care and it makes me crazy.

  1. As a footnote…

    I don’t have to read what the guy wrote…
    I already know the essence of it.

    Must be a Sarah Palin’s admirer.

    I hate myself when I write such comments…

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