Happy Half Of The Bible

Bill O’Reilly is one of those people who makes me want to throw up. Up until a few years ago I  tuned into his nonsense when needing a laugh or reminder of how divided society has become. All that changed the day my son entered the room and thought I was watching a skit on the Comedy Network. Assuring him O’Reilly was for real collided with my son asking why I didn’t change channels – he was right of course, I turned him off and began to ponder the reality of O’Reilly’s poison.

O’Reilly epitomizes bone headed logic. He’s the poster boy for right wing gobbly gook , the head of a massive fundamentalist snake devouring common sense. The man spreads misinformation designed to bolster panic stricken Christian voters into believing Obama is evil and only God can save America. Never lost for smug jabs, complete with his brand of sneering disapproval for concepts of tolerance, inclusion, or middle ground. O’Reilly cares little for truth – it doesn’t matter that his inflammatory declarations are continuously proven wrong. Millions  hang on his every word – people who care only for “truth” fitting their constipated minds.

I can’t stress enough how little I care about another person’s religious view. That said, Christian hot heads intent on rabid condemnation, dangerous muck raking and hamster wheel logic make me bristle. Perhaps the reason, my one O’Reilly guilty pleasure is watching Bill Maher have a go at him. Maher barely has to say anything before O’Reilly’s righteous high ground disintegrates into that of a blithering school yard bully. This video spot lights the horror and reality of pompous right wing thinking. I laughed out loud when Maher asked O’Reilly why Christians only liked the happy half of the bible.


10 thoughts on “Happy Half Of The Bible

  1. I can easily imagine the fun that these two groups of people would have if invited at the same party…

    Muslims fundamentalists and this man’s followers.

    • Can’t we all just be nice to each other? A little while ago I stumbled upon a Christian website spelling out all the reasons to hate and fear Muslims. It was so depressing 🙂

      • Their god died also in the same accident…

        If God had not died he would be so depressed by now. Thank God he’s dead and not seeing all this shit.

        Of course we are lucky that the Force is watching over us from afar, a few zillion light years from us in another universe.

        Something to ponder on this Sunday morning.

      • If there ever was a God (and you know where I stand on that) he would have wiped us out years ago and started from scratch.

        Can’t explain why this just popped into my head…

        I learned from John Zande (superstitious naked ape)
        that a 17th century monk published a document claiming Jesus’ foreskin flew into space and formed the rings of Saturn 🙂

    • I started calling fundamentalist thinking “hamster wheel logic” a few months ago after a futile exchange with an individual who took exception to my idea that “accept God or take a hike” wasn’t particularly helpful 🙂

      • God would have never told you to take a hike.
        He was not that type of god.
        God died a long time ago.
        Sorry to break the news.

  2. Perhaps you will be relieved to hear the latest demographic breakdown of O’Reilly’s viewers. Average age 72. They will be leaving this world for their imaginary world soon. Time is on our side. 🙂

  3. I have watched a couple of Youtubes of him. What an absolute plonker. I am surprised he is allowed airtime.
    But what is really sad is ”millions hang on to his every word.”
    Says an awful lot about Americans and probably Joe Average in general.

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