Galway Mass Grave

This ponder is dedicated to the person who commented on my pro-choice position – the person who said they hoped someone I loved was murdered so I could understand the gravity of abortion, then signed off by telling me to go and kill some babies. The same person who puffed themselves up as a righteous Christian, claimed to uphold God’s morality, all while following the teachings of the one true God – a fair and just God, a God who protected the innocent with an endless capacity to forgive. You know who you are – you most certainly have some half assed hamster wheel logic to white wash these facts. I realize you’re incapable of responding logically, yet ponder atrocities of the church for the sake of those who retain the common sense to call bullshit.

Between 1926 – 1961 an orphanage known as The Home operated in Galway County Ireland at Tuam. This Catholic run institution was intended to incarcerate unwed mothers, along with their children as a risk to public morality. In 1975, the cement covering of a septic tank on the site was inadvertently broken away – revealing a a mass grave containing the bones of 796 infants and toddlers.

In 1944 a government inspection reported severe malnutrition among the 271 children and 61 un-wed mothers unfortunate enough to fall under the umbrella of asinine Catholic morality. Nothing was done to intervene. Researcher Catherine Corless discovered death records alluding to high infant mortality from disease – it’s suspected babies were not allowed to breast feed. Those children surviving infancy were sent to church run industrial schools at 7 or 8 – essentially prison camps exploiting and abusing unpaid labor.  The last Catholic industrial school closed in 1990.

Hold onto your hats because this is really good – Archbishop of Tuam, Michael Neary has publicly stated his intention to meet with the Bon Secours Sisters who ran the orphanage, his purpose – start fund raising to erect a memorial plaque naming  all 796 children unceremoniously stuffed into the septic tank. Yep, that and a few Hail Mary’s  should absolve the church of any wrong doing.

I loathe posting about Catholic horrors, more loathsome is the fact supposed God loving people  put up with this nonsense. Abuse and murder in the name of morality is so bat shit crazy I can’t even begin to wrap my head around protestations of Christian family values. Anybody out there who’s able to justify these actions needs their head examined.

A historian believes the bodies of hundreds of children who attended an orphanage in Tuam, Ireland are buried in a former septic tank near the building.

A historian believes the bodies of hundreds of children who attended an orphanage in Tuam, Ireland are buried in a former septic tank near the building. (Brian Lockier/Adoption Rights Alliance)


10 thoughts on “Galway Mass Grave

  1. I think of the catholic church not as a religious institution (which is a side show) but a very powerful entity that commands 1.2 billion citizens. Its horrific treatment of these children, and so many others, puts it in the same basket as the world’s largest empires then and now. The idea that there is a God out there that endorses this church and absolves all of its citizens of their crimes, is no different from any other authoritarian state that defends its crimes with a self-wrought ideology. In time, this authoritarian state must collapse. But sadly, I doubt that this will be soon.

    • Believe me when I say (and despite my splattering of posts on the subject) – I try so very hard to zip my lip on the Catholic church. The Catholic church inhabits a completely different realm from run of the mill right wing fundamentalists.They’re like the Mafia, amassing unimaginable wealth and power based on fear and retribution. An institution designed to rule through intimidation – a genius plan to control populations using faith as their ultimate tool. It’s absolutely disgusting. We pussyfoot around their blatant crimes in fear of being perceived as Godless heretics.

      I wish I shared your optimism that one day it will collapse.Politicians are too scared – nobody has the balls to take on the church.

      • I’m not optimistic about the imminent collapse of the church. A Chinese friend of mine refers to Christianity as a young and immature religion. He puts this in the context of Buddhism or taoism which according to him have gone past the religion state into the real of philosophy. I’m afraid we’re in millennia timescales, not lifetimes 😦

      • The church resembles a multinational corporation long before religion enters the picture.Your friend is wise – the church issues edicts and regulations designed to bolster their position. Bent on absolute control, faith has become the smoke screen covering outrageous shenanigans.It would be funny if not for the fact millions gobbled it up – hook, line and sinker.

      • I was brought up a Catholic. It’s a cult of torture and death, where as a child I was encouraged to read about the lives of the saints. The girls seemed to be batshit crazy, starving themselves, chucking pepper in their eyes in case their beauty might ’cause temptation’ and generally apologising profusely for being female. Our role models were either the virgin mother or the reformed whore. There are good priests and good nuns, but the institution is rotten – even the business of celibate priests is about keeping property within the church. And when these terrible crimes against children began to trickle out, they were thought of as ‘sins against chastity’ and not shocking abuses of power. Even now when you go to catholic blogs, their reaction to the Galway shocker is a combination of pompous obfuscation (‘I always knew that paper was anti-catholic’) and useless, (‘I’m praying for them’). I’ve kept my beautiful son and daughter as far away from that poisonous bunch as I can. The catholic church offered me no comfort, just a set of impossible rules and a pall of shame and guilt.

  2. Rational smackdown. Kudos.

    I can’t believe someone actually told you that. That’s just deranged, and i truly hope that person has no access to children, or to firearms. They are not mentally stable.

    • Thanks for the kudo 🙂

      As for the whack-a-doodle comment – he said that and a lot more – I barely scraped the surface of his venom. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear this good Christian has both a young family and arsenal of firearms. (I know this because he threatened to use them on me to protect his children from my evil attempt to murder babies)

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