Black Widow Number Ten

2014-06-04 19.30.42-1

This picture of Black Widow number ten isn’t the sharpest, but the best I could muster considering the awkward corner of our basement she decided to hold court. Her growing pile of corpses  testament to her wise decision of laying low and keeping out of the way. The room is only used for storage, I can’t say what made me pull back the curtain, yet was fairly certain I would find her there.

She seems to be well mannered, I suspect no intention on her part to stray from her well established lair. Officially she is widow #11 because my husband assassinated one in the family room a few days ago – fair enough, I annihilated #9, who I dubbed bedroom widow because it lived under the dresser in my bedroom.

I’ve known for well over a year that my Vancouver home is infested with Black Widows. Almost 70 years old, practically nirvana for creepy crawlies seeking a safe warm place. My dilemma stems from finding them rather fascinating – I’ve watched several of her predecessors trap flies with admiration, whenever possible I catch and release spiders outside.

A combination of research and observation lulls me into a sense of security. Black Widows are not aggressive, don’t roam about or do anything other than politely stake claim to quiet corners. I’ve never seen one out for a stroll – undoubtedly a contributing factor in my progression towards a crazy spider lady – at least I don’t name them or hand feed sacrificial insects. I probably need my head examined – until I figure out what to do, all I ask is that they keep to the basement and stay out of the laundry basket. Enjoy life while you can #10, common sense always prevails – an exterminator is in your immediate future.

3 thoughts on “Black Widow Number Ten

  1. I am loathe to kill any living thing, but if there is a potential threat, then my home is off limits and uninvited guests are ushered outside.
    We get rain spiders during summer and I have no problem allowing them free reign.
    They are pretty harmless, though a bit scary if one is afraid of spiders.
    We get widows and violin spiders too. Such visitors are not welcome at all.

    I would be inclined to get rid of widows, el pronto.

  2. ‘violin spiders’ — now I need to go look THEM up!

    I really don’t like killing anything. I’m loathe to kills bees and wasps — unless they take up residence and make nests near my domicile, I don’t even like kiling the mice — but neither can I seem to find where they are entering the coach. We haven’t seen many spiders in the coach. I used to see them in the house — our old school was a great place for spiders — but I suspect WI is too cold for Black Widows.
    I suspect that numbering them IS naming them — on some level. So you might as WELL name them. 🙂 Lets see, Abercrombie, Benjamin, Christopher, Duane, Esmerelda, Fazio, Georgette, Horace, Isabel, Justus, makes ten… your on your own from here….

    Happy Hunting… 🙂

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