How Dare You Label Me

Yesterday one of my facebook friends posted a link to a ponder I wrote last fall. Reading it again I felt compelled to reblog myself.


While speaking to my mother this evening, I learned she told her friend about my blog. She said her conversation came with a warning about my Atheist views. They got into a discussion of fanatic atheism, her friend recommending books I should read to temper my point of view.I`ve never met this person in my life, nor had he read a word I`ve written – he heard the term Atheist, which apparently sent him into salvation mode.

My initial reaction was disbelief – not only for my mother choosing to share my blog with a disclaimer, but for the reaction of this man. Not often do I feel the need to set the record straight; in hope that this phantom stranger actually takes a peek – a definitive ponder on my religious views…..

The idea that God didn`t create man, man created God has been discussed for ages – I…

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One thought on “How Dare You Label Me

  1. I can’t help thinking that it’s never a safe bet expecting people NOT to do anything. Of course people are going to judge you, and me, and everyone and no one, they will judge what deserves judging, they will judge what doesn’t, what’s right and wrong, too early and too late.

    Part of life is owning the results of our decisions and causes…

    But anyone as feisty as you… I’m not worried about. Somehow I think you’ll make your voice heard. 🙂

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